Food & Recipes

  • Go With the (Whole) Grain

    We all know the benefits of whole grains—research has shown that eating the complete grain (including the bran, germ, and endosperm) prevents cancer, heart disease, and weight gain.

    Want to venture beyond oatmeal, brown rice, and wheat bread? Read on.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Get Supplement Savvy

    So you don’t eat the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Who does? Besides, if you’re like a third to a half of your compatriots, you’re taking a daily multivitamin to make up for any nutritional gaps you may have. Oh, you’re not doing that either? Well, don’t let those vitamin-laden shelves intimidate you.

    How to choose the right multivitamin for you.
    By Pamela Bond
  • Simple Ways To Sneak in Some Spice

    “When you look at your spice rack, you’re looking at opportunities for better health,” says Glen Aukerman, MD, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Ohio State University Medical Center. Here’s how to add these healing spices to this week’s meals:

  • The Cayenne Cure

    Move the black pepper aside. Cayenne’s got a lot more flavor—and does more for your health than you might imagine. Malcolm Taw, MD, assistant clinical professor at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, says research shows cayenne helps:

    By Meghan Rabbitt
  • Easy Sugar Swap: Molasses

    Cutting back on the white stuff doesn’t mean having to skip sweets altogether. Molasses tastes great and is a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with manganese, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium—essentially all the good stuff that’s stripped out of sugar cane during the refining process.

    By Wendy McMillan
  • A New Way to Lower Your Cholesterol

    Looking for a way to reduce your bad cholesterol but concerned about the side effects of statins, the drugs most often prescribed for that purpose? A recent study in Alternative Therapies offers further proof that the supplement Sytrinol, a combination of extracts from citrus fruits and palm oil, can achieve significant results in as little as four weeks.

    By James Keough
  • Drundruff Woes

    First, steer clear of traditional shampoos and conditioners, which can contain dandruff-causing chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens, says Lisa Frost, licensed aesthetician at Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy.

    What is the best way to cure dandruff?
  • For Grade-A Smarts, Try Vitamin A

    Ever wonder why Bugs Bunny always outsmarts Elmer Fudd? Chalk it up to the carrots he eats. Researchers at Harvard University conducted long-term studies on nearly 6,000 men and found that those who supplemented daily with 50 mg of beta-carotene (which your body converts to vitamin A) had significantly better memory, cognitive function, and verbal recognition than those who took a placebo.

    By Gina Roberts-Grey
  • Healthy Pantry: Avocados

    As if we needed another reason to love guacamole: A recent study found that compounds extracted from Hass avocados halted the growth of oral cancer cells by killing some and preventing precancerous cells from developing.

    By Lisa Turner
  • Get Your Goat

    The glossy mustache advertisements and dancing-cow commercials might try to convince you that bovines have cornered the milk market, but there’s a whole other category in the dairy case that’s got as much—or more—nutritional game: goat’s milk.

    Why it's time to think beyond cow's milk.
    By Jeanette Hurt