More Ways to Support Fair Trade

October is fair trade month, so follow these five tips to become a true jack of fair trade.
By Lindsey Galloway

1. See fair trade for yourself.

Pura Vida coffee ( offers trips to coffee cooperatives in Peru, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Browse more fair trade travel options in Thailand, Kenya, and India at

2. Throw a fair trade party. 
Increase awareness among friends and your community with Transfair’s ready-made kit of postcards, stickers, and DVD ( 

3. Involve your favorite shopping stops. 
Oxfam America’s offers an “Adopt a Supermarket” program with fair trade report cards to tally your local store stacks up. 

4. Sponsor a craft fair. 
Wares from cooperatives around the world can be displayed and made available for purchase. For ideas, visit

5. Give socially conscious gifts. 
Fairly traded jewelry, crafts, and clothing can be found through Global Exchange at or