Whole Lot of Hoopla

By Nora Simmons

Hoop dance has become the hippest new way to tone your core, improve your health, and get in touch with your inner dervish diva. Blending Native American hoop dance with Hawaiian hula and Middle Eastern belly dance, modern hoop dance emphasizes body awareness, sensuality, and the interconnectedness of life. Hoops vary in size and weight depending on your goals. Use a heavier hoop for an intense core workout and a powerful abdominal massage that stimulates healthy digestion, says Manda Pendleton, natural health practitioner and hoop dancer extraordinaire. If you want to learn to dance like the pros, choose a lighter, smaller hoop that will allow for freer movement. Get moving with Hoopnotica Hoopdance Basics DVD (www.hoopnotica.com), and find the right hoop for you at www.bodyhoops.com.