Row, Row, Row Your Kayak

If you are vacationing by the water this month and need a quick exercise fix, look no further than the local kayak rental institution! With the fusion of fun and exercise that kayaking provides, you won’t even notice that you are toning your arms and building cardiorespiratory strength at the same time.

According to NGR Outdoors, a service of the Penn State Hershey Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion, kayaking tones and strengthens muscles, improves joint health, and yields mental health benefits. Just paddling the roughly 500 strokes that equates to a mile, you can improve the range of motion and flexibility in your arms, which keeps joints lubricated.

Also, the feeling of being one with nature can induce a peaceful calm. East Tennessee State University uses kayaking as a rehabilitation program for those who have suffered debilitating injuries. This program is based on practice at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which integrates kayaking into the rehab program of Veteran amputees.

Don’t ignore the exercise opportunities that kayaking can provide. Start paddling!