Grass Eating Pooches

My dog Charlie eats grass to make himself throw up. Is this healthy? What can I do?

Finding your pooch grazing in the backyard like a Jersey cow isn’t always bad and actually quite normal, explains veterinarian Randy Caviness, DVM, of the Integrative Animal Health Center in Bolton, Massachusetts. “Dogs eat grass because it acts as a natural antacid and is usually soothing for the stomach,” Caviness says. But if Charlie has turned your lawn to Swiss cheese or vomits frequently, then you should take him to the vet. Your dog may also have dietary sensitivities, so you might need to find the right food through trial and error. His vet may recommend acupuncture or supplements such as probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid the GI tract. So keep an eye on his foraging habits, and don’t ever let Charlie eat grass that may have been fertilized with chemicals.