Slim Down Before Summer

Jordan Rubin, author of Perfect Weight America (Siloam, 2008), shares three reasons diets often fail—and simple fixes that can help you stay on track.
By Meghan Rabbitt

Diet downfall #1
You don’t really have a plan. “We’re constantly bombarded with new, trendy diets—but most of us get confused by all the mixed messages and don’t really follow just one plan,” says Rubin.
The fix: Pick a plan that’s based on common sense, and that you’re confident you can stick to. “Drinking lemon juice and cayenne pepper for 40 days is going to feel like work,” he says.

Diet downfall #2
You feel too restricted in the food choices you can make. “The grocery store has an average of 29,000 items, and people typically buy the same 20 to 30 items each week,” says Rubin.
The fix: Put five new, healthy items into your cart every time you go to the market. Think whole, local, and organic choices that you’ll find on the store’s perimeter—not the overly processed foods usually located in the middle aisles.

Diet downfall #3
You’re eating foods that make your insulin go haywire. “Even common diet foods, like fruit and whole grains, can increase insulin production,” says Rubin. And that can suppress the hormone leptin, which is responsible for telling us we’re full and should stop eating.
The fix: Eat complex carbs with a healthy fat or fiber. “Adding peanut butter to a banana or munching on nuts with your carrot juice slows the release of sugar, which in turn slows the release of insulin,” says Rubin.