Supplement Watch: Brown Seaweed Extract

By Gina Roberts-Grey

Searching for that magical ingredient that instantly burns unwanted pounds? Numerous studies in Japan suggest fücoxanthin—the pigment that gives brown seaweed its color—can help control weight by speeding up your metabolism. And unlike other weight-loss stimulants, which rev up your central nervous system and make you jittery, fücoxanthin boosts the amount of calories your cells burn.

You’d have to eat oceans of seaweed to get fücoxanthin’s fat-burning benefits, however, so look for supplements (such as Nature’s Vision Brown Seaweed Extract With Fücoxanthin) and energy bars (like Garden of Life’s FücoTHIN) that contain the concentrated extract. Since the amount varies by brand, follow instructions or talk to your doctor about the best dose for you.