Chitin-glucan and Gut Microflora

Chitin-glucan, an Artina-branded ingredient, comes from the Aspergillus niger fungus, and alters microflora within the gut to improve metabolic processes related to obesity. A study found that mice fed a high-fat diet with chitin-glucan supplements were less likely to gain weight, had less fat mass development, and had lower increases in cholesterol than mice fed only a high-fat diet.

The fact that gut microflora influences weight was first presented to the scientific community in 2006; the study found that obese and lean people had different microbial populations within their gut, and that when obese people lost weight, their gut microflora returned to the same population as the lean people. The trouble is that losing weight is more difficult when the microflora population is off. This is where chitin-glucan comes into play, balancing the gut microflora and aiding in weight loss.