Doggie Diarrhea

What likely caused this, and what can I do to relieve him?
By Carvel G. Tiekert, DVM

The most common cause of diarrhea in dogs is eating something they shouldn’t have. To treat what I call “garbage gut,” it’s best to not feed your dog for 24 hours, while making sure he gets plenty of water. Diarrhea is often a detox: Your dog has put junk in, and he’s got to get the junk out. You can also feed him a bland diet of yogurt with live cultures, well-cooked rice, and maybe a little chicken or hamburger.

Along with altering his diet, there are several homeopathic remedies you can try. Most contain Arsenicum album, a classic treatment for intestinal distress. In general, the homeopathic remedies humans use for normal diarrhea, such as Veratrum album and calcarea, work for most species and spell major relief for your dog.

If the diarrhea persists longer than 24 hours, and he’s not acting like himself and not interested in eating or drinking, something more serious, such as a parasite, may be to blame. Take his temperature with a digital rectal thermometer—not much fun for you or your pup. Normal dog temp is 101 to 102.5 degrees, so if it’s over 103, seek professional care.

Carvel G. Tiekert, DVM, is a holistic veterinarian at the Animal Care Center and Pet Resort in Joppa, Maryland