Frequently Asked Questions About Detoxification

By Ellen Kamhi PHD, RN, AHN-BC, AHG

Q. Will detoxifying disrupt my day?
A. It is possible to keep to a normal schedule while doing detoxification, especially if you bring your food with you. It’s best to be home for the first two or three days, to get some extra rest, and be close to a comfortable bathroom. By the third day most people can maintain a normal daily schedule of work and play.
Q. Can I continue to take other supplements?
A. If you choose a specific prepared Detox product, it is best to discontinue use of any other supplements. If you are taking prescription medications, it’s always best to discuss the use of all supplements and medications with your health practitioner.
Q. Should I detox all the time?
A. Detox programs are designed to be used intermittently. If you are changing your lifestyle from a less healthy one to a more health-conscious path, you can detoxify for 10 days per month for three months in a row. If you are feeling great already, a 10-day detox every three months may be for you. Some people choose to detox on a more on-going level, by eating the vegetable soup and other foods suggested above for two to three days per week, all the time.
Q. Will my bathroom habits change?
A. You may find that you have more frequent bowel movements while detoxifying. This is a positive effect that allows your body to remove toxins more easily. If you experience any gas or bloating, use fewer products, or take a day off.
Q. How much liquid should I drink?
A. Drinking pure water is very important during detoxification. Consume at least 8 glasses (8 ounces each) of water, plus additional herb tea, vegetable juice, and other healthful liquids per day. Stay away from caffeine and soda!
Q. Do I have to fast?
A. It is not necessary to fast while detoxifying. And any detox that makes you feel hungry or starving is most likely not supporting your body’s already amazing detoxification systems.