Flora for Every Mom

This Mother’s Day, skip the cliché bouquet and give her a more personalized “green” gift. We’ve found the perfect botanical option for every type of mom—including you.

She’s got a green thumb
Get mom growing with organic vegetable seeds. She can plant beans, salad greens, or cucumbers in her garden, or grow peppers, tomatoes, and herbs indoors year-round. Check out Seeds of Change (seedsofchange.com).

She loves cats
Give her a jasmine rose, begonia, or other nontoxic houseplant that won’t make Whiskers sick should he sink tooth into tendril. For more pet-safe varieties, type “Flora for Fauna” in the article search box.

She’s diligent
Buy her a beautiful weeping fig or prayer plant, which require extra TLC to thrive.

She just won’t water
Fashion origami lilies, irises, and tulips from colorful magazine pages or wrapping-paper scraps. They’ll last forever—no care required. Learn how at origami-instructions.com.

She wants that bouquet
Swap conventional flowers—often laden with harmful pesticides, fungicides, and preservatives—for USDA Organic blooms. Shop your farmers’ market for organic, locally grown blossoms, or buy from California Organic Flowers (californiaorganicflowers.com).

She loves flowers
Style her with a year’s worth of monthly organic flower deliveries. Organic Bouquet (organicbouquet.com) sends sustainably harvested arrangements in eco-friendly packaging.