Rx: Fix Frizzies and Weatherize Winter Hair

’Tis the season for dry, lifeless locks, brittle split ends, and wild tresses that can resist your best beautifying efforts—unless, of course, you choose natural solutions to tame your hair’s seasonal misbehavior
By Nicole Duncan

As a basic plan to battle dryness for all hair types, first look at the label of your haircare products to make sure it doesn’t list sodium laurel sulfate, an inexpensive filler used in 95 percent of all haircare products. This ingredient makes shampoo sudsy, but it’s “so harsh it could take the grease off your driveway,” says Michael Wolfgeher, president and CFO of Sircuit Skincare. According to Wolfgeher, the extremely potent chemical can actually rip through the first barrier-layer of skin, making your scalp flaky and dry. Instead, says Mathew Yasgur, cofounder of Static Salon in New York City, natural shampoos and conditioners are “almost like hand creams on your scalp, letting your scalp relax and not be so tight.”

Your next step: Consider reversing the order of your hair-cleaning routine. “Condition first and shampoo through it,” recommends Yasgur. “Reversing the order of regular application may be all your hair needs to battle dryness.” Conditioner maintains the moisture balance of the scalp and replenishes natural oils after shampoo strips them from hair as it cleans, says Wolfgeher. By coating the hair shaft, conditioners also protect your hair from outside elements, which is key during winter. “Applying shampoos second will not cancel out your conditioner,” says Yasgur. “[The method] simply hydrates and coats your hair shaft before the shampoo strips and cleans.”

Still need help with your specific concerns? Try these products to address your winter hair needs:

Dull and lifeless. Condition first with Sircuit Skin’s Liquid Crystal Crème Conditioner ($36 for 8 oz.; sircuitskin.com) and then shampoo through it with Sircuit Skin’s Liquid Crystal Shampoo ($36 for 8 oz; sircuitskin.com), which cleans gently without stripping your hair.

Dry and brittle. Korres’ Greens Silt and Corallina Oligoelements Hair and Scalp Scrub ($30 for 5.07 oz.; korres.com) includes, you guessed it, green silt to remove dead cells from both your hair and scalp, making it ideal for dandruff-dry scalps.

Split ends. To defend your hair against natural hair stressors such as air, sun, and everyday brushing, try a rice protein from Korres ($23 for 0.51 oz; korres.com), which enhances your hair’s elasticity and strength and uses hydrating proteins to protect ends from fraying.

Excess breakage. Strengthen your hair with bain de terre’s Strengthening Mud Mask ($18 for 5.1 oz; baindeterre.com). Applying the same concept as a body wrap, this mask’s uses white clay to lock in your hair’s moisture.

Frizz. The moisturizing ingredients in Head Organics’ Shine Serum ($10.99 for 2 oz; headproducts.com) defeat frizz for the perfect finishing touch.