Eliminate Fibromyalgia with SHINE!

In our placebo-controlled study, 91% of fibromyalgia patients improved with an average increase in quality of life of 90 percent by following SHINE.
By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Sleep // Because the hypothalamic “circuit breaker” that is offline controls sleep, most patients need a mix of many sleep treatments. For people to get well and become pain-free it is critical that they take enough of the correct sleep treatments to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep at night. To help treat insomnia, you can make your own “sleepy-time” tonic. An excellent mix includes suntheanine, Jamaican dogwood, wild lettuce, valerian, passionflower, and hops. Using melatonin at 0.5 mg, magnesium, and aromatherapy with lavender at bedtime can also help. Restless leg syndrome (which responds well to iron supplementation to bring the ferritin blood test for iron reserves up over 60) and sleep apnea should be screened for as well. Sleep hygiene is also important, so make sure your sheets are clean.

HORMONAL DEFICIENCIES // The hypothalamus is the main control center, via the pituitary gland, for most of the other glands in our body. Lab testing is “normal” in most people who need hormonal support. However, it’s usually necessary to treat with bioidentical and natural thyroid and adrenal support—despite your normal blood tests.

INFECTIONS // Many studies have shown immune system dysfunction in fibromyalgia and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) that can result in many unusual infections. These include viral infections, Lyme, parasites, and other bowel infections and most importantly fungal/candida infections. Using probiotics—the healthy bacteria—to restore healthy gut function is critical, and I prefer those with a pearl coating to protect the bacteria from stomach acid. Natural antifungals such as oregano oil, caprylic acid and perhaps grapefruit seed extract can also be helpful. Avoiding sugar (it feeds the yeast) is also important, but I add three magic words when I tell people to avoid sugar: “except for chocolate.” Use a filtered stevia (one that tastes good) instead of sugar. Taking Diflucan (200 mg per day for six weeks) as prescribed by a holistic physician, can also be very helpful.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION // Widespread nutritional deficiencies are common, and require dozens of nutrients. As people are tired of being part of the “Handful Club” (taking handfuls of supplement tablets each day), I recommend that people use vitamin powders which can supply the 50 key nutrients needed in 1 drink (Energy Revitalization System by Enzymatic Therapy, $32, 25.7 oz or 1 to 2 month supply, vitality101.com). Taking Ribose (5 g, three times per day for three weeks, and then twice per day) can also be very helpful (Corvalen by Bioenergy. $38; 9.9 oz, vitality101. com). Symptoms of fish oil deficiency include depression or dry eyes and mouth.

EXERCISE AS ABLE // If you feel like you were hit by a truck the day after exercising, you did too much and need to ease back. Begin with a walking program and use a pedometer (aim to get to 10,000 steps per day). After 10 weeks on SHINE, you’ll be able to condition more easily and increase your exercise. In addition, studies have shown that both tai’ chi and yoga are very effective for fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.