A New Way to Lower Your Cholesterol

By James Keough

Looking for a way to reduce your bad cholesterol but concerned about the side effects of statins, the drugs most often prescribed for that purpose? A recent study in Alternative Therapies offers further proof that the supplement Sytrinol, a combination of extracts from citrus fruits and palm oil, can achieve significant results in as little as four weeks. The study found that men and women with total cholesterol levels above 230 mg/dl and LDL levels above 155 experienced a 22.5 percent reduction in total cholesterol and a 20 percent drop in LDL levels. They also saw their triglyceride levels slide 26 percent—an important result given the role triglycerides play in the production of bad cholesterol. In addition, total and LDL cholesterol levels dropped 30 and 27 percent, respectively, while triglycerides went down 34 percent in a group that took the supplement for 12 weeks, suggesting a cumulative benefit over time.