Let Rover Relax: Massage Therapy for Pets

Ah, a relaxing massage….
You lie down on the table, feeling every muscle relax, feeling all the tension and tightness massaged away. This feels better than chasing after rabbits or that bacon flavored bone you chewed on last night.
That’s right, massage isn’t just for humans. Even dogs can enjoy a massage! Think about it; your dog’s muscles are similar to yours. Even his or her activity level may mimic your activity level, relatively stationary on the weekdays, then bursting with movement on the weekends. It’s not too difficult to overexert yourself and your pet. A massage is the perfect way to melt away any sore or stiff joints and muscles.
Shelah Barr, a Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist who is also a Certified Massage Therapist (for humans), claims that when “dogs started approaching me and leaning or pushing with parts of their body that were apparently causing discomfort, I began to look at them in the way I was trained to look at a human body. [I paid] attention to the form and structure, and how that translates into efficient and comfortable movement.”