Healthy Diet, Healthy Career

By Elizabeth Gregg

Dining at the office vending machine may do more than sabotage your diet: Poor eating habits could also affect your career. A recent survey from ComPsych Corporation found that employees who ate a balanced diet were 10 times more likely to sustain high energy levels throughout the workday than those who ate junk food or skipped meals altogether. Also, 73 percent of employees who ate healthy diets reported high levels of productivity compared to just 24 percent of the bad eaters. “This shows that eating right doesn’t have to slow you down,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD, a corporate nutritionist in New York City. “With a little thought and planning, you can change your bad eating habits and still stick to your schedule.” For sustained energy, eat a combination of protein, whole grains, and a little bit of fat while avoiding simple carbs and sugar, which give you only a temporary boost. Try these healthy snack ideas from Taub-Dix so you’re not tempted the next time a coworker brings in a box of doughnuts:
* 5 foods to stash in your desk
• Nuts and nut butter • Dried fruits • Whole-wheat crackers • Dried peas (wasabi or regular) • Instant low-sugar oatmeal
* 5 foods to keep in the office fridge • Cheese • Hummus • Fruit • Precut veggies • Organic or soy milk