Counting Calories: Fun Fitness

Is your workout becoming a chore? Get outdoors! Participating in outdoor activities makes burning calories more fun! Here are 10 activities that, if done for 45 minutes, can melt off the pounds in no time:
Calories: 204
Gain a light aerobic workout as you become one with nature.
Calories: 219
You can be social and fit at the same time! Grab your friends and walk nine holes.
Canoeing or kayaking
Calories: 180-255
Stabilize your core and tone your arms as you paddle through the rapids.
Calories: 204
This is a great social sport for summer beaches, and you get an awesome aerobic workout in!
Inline skating
Calories: 357
Don’t want to run to get muscular legs? Try skating your way to skinny!
Playing Frisbee
Calories: 153
You can take a Frisbee anywhere and automatically have a good time and a good sweat.
Calories: 357
Tone your legs, glutes, arms, and core! It doesn’t have to be strenuous—grab a friend and practicehitting back and forth.
Bike rides
Calories: 408
Soak in the scenery whizzing by as you tone your lower-body muscles and have a great cardiovascular workout.
Calories: 255
Anytime you incorporate throwing, hitting, and running, you are asking for a fun workout with friends.
Calories: 357
Plow through calories, tone your entire body, and cool off from the summer heat.