Canine Cancer

Unlike many other animals, dogs are susceptible to the same types of cancer as humans. Cancer is the number one natural cause of death in older dogs, affecting about one in three dogs.

This touched our office recently, as Gus, the rescued greyhound companion of our art director, underwent surgery to remove a tumor. Although the tumor was determined to be malignant, we hope that Gus is on his way to a complete recovery.

Cancer in our pets can be very traumatic and expensive. Covering the costs of treatment can be especially difficult for the elderly or those on limited incomes. In 2007, The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund (DCCF) was established to provide financial assistance to families with pets fighting cancer ( The organization distributes grants based on the animal’s prognosis and the pet-owner’s financial need. As the fund grows they hope to offer research grants into life-saving treatments, collect data on environmental factors that influence cancer in canines and felines, and provide an educational portal about early detection and cancer prevention for pets.

The DCCF mission is an imperative for Zuke’s, based in Durango Colorado (, which donates a percentage of its annual sales to the non-profit. Last year, sales from Zuke’s full line of natural, healthy, and affordable treats and chews provided more than $40,000 for DCCF.