Welcome to Natural Solutions’ 5th Annual Beauty With a Conscience Awards, where we provide a beauty toolbox starter kit to get your grooming regimen on the right track. Here, we recognize companies promoting natural health in the beauty and wellness industry. These companies know that beauty and good-for-you go hand in hand, and they showcase the most honest ingredients on the health and beauty market today in their featured products.

Our editors peeled away the layers of conventional body and beauty wisdom and uncovered crucial missing information our readers need for true transformation. We gathered that information by testing different natural beauty products companies submitted to our contest. But, like food, many products labeled "natural" aren't natural at all, so we sifted through ingredient after ingredient, eliminating those products containing any hormone disrupters, carcinogens, toxic byproducts, and heavy metals.

We feel good about the picks we came away with-we hope that you, our readers, feel the same. These products not only keep you healthy on the outside, but benefit your overall health by steering clear of dangerous chemicals and additives that harm your body over time.

As the years pass, the most elusive beauty characteristic is your vitality. It sits in the quiet sanctuary within each of us. To connect with it, you have to "take a breather." You have to get away from the overstimulating products that bombard you with promises of temporary change and get back to the basic ingredients that enhance both your inner and outer beauty. This mindset-once tapped into-can change your life and redirect your path to real health, where you will thrive.

We hope that you can refine your beauty instincts with the following products, unearth your glowing potential, and-with a little direction from Natural Solutions and the amazing companies that create these products-navigate the modern beauty labyrinth. It can be done, and it starts here. Enjoy!

  Congratulations 2013 Winners!

Andalou Naturals
Aura Cacia
MyChelle Dermaceuticals
Brittanie's Thyme
Derma E
Earth Science
Eco Lips
Essential Forumulas
   Everclen (Home Health)
Green + Glam Purity Beauty
Home Health
ilike organic skin care
Just Neem
Medicine Mama's Apothecary
NOW Solutions
Organix-South Theraneem Naturals
   Own skin health
Pangea Organics
Plantlife Natural Body Care
Reviva Labs
Pura Botanica
Soapbox Natural
Susan Ciminelli
SW Basics of Brooklyn
W.S. Badger Company