Best Curl Tamer Ever

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There are days when curly is really code for out of control—a mass of undifferentiated locks that are like a rain forest growing on top of my head. It’s hard to find the right frizz fighter—so many of the harsh shampoos with sulfates leave my hair flattened and “product” makes my curls too crispy. So I was delighted to discover Hamadi’s haircare line, which is as clean as clean can be, and—you gotta love this—“Tested on actresses, never on animals.”

The founder, Jamal Hammadi, is a hairdresser to the stars, sculpting the tresses of actresses like Julianne Moore, Heather Graham, Kirsten Dunst, and Naomi Watts. I think it’s mahvelous that he’s converting Hollywood to healthy haircare, one updo at a time.

And what do I, a mere mortal, love about Hamadi? The simple but nourishing ingredients—ginger, honey, shea butter, rice milk—and the seductive botanical (phthalate-free of course) fragrance. No buildup, more bounce—I’ve got my curl pride back.