10 Day Detox - Day 3, Energy Is Up, Buying Stock in Charmin

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Day Three – 1.29.14 – Adam Swenson, editor

Day three is similar to day two for me in that it is better and worse. I have a major caffeine withdrawal headache today, so that is a pain. But on the plus side, I have lost weight on this. I haven’t been great about doing the measurements, but I can tell that there’s at least an inch or two off my waist. It seems crazy to me that you could actually burn fat that quickly.  

(I’ve only weighed myself twice during this regimen – once the night before it started, and then this morning. I was down six pounds, but some of that has to be accounted for by the morning weigh in. Still, I know I’m down at least three pounds. Will update on that tomorrow.)

When I made the observation about weight loss in yesterday’s blog, my friend Vicki, who is a doctor, commented that when people do detoxes the weight they are losing is typically stool (crap) that is sitting around in the intestines. She said most people are carrying around 10 pounds of it. I replied that getting rid of 10 pounds of festering crap seemed like a pretty good way to spend a week and a half.

So on that note, if you do this detox, I would buy stock in Charmin first—I’m not going to spell it out any more than that.

Three more things: A food processor is really necessary for this. We bought a Ninja from Costco, and it has been great. In the morning, I have a to-go cup that I can actually make my shake in. It has a blade attachment to blend things and then it has a to-go lid as well. Very nice and a big timesaver.

Second, it is amazing how much liquid I’m drinking and somehow it still doesn’t seem to be enough. We are told to drink 8 big glasses a day and then you also drink a bunch with the thrice-daily fiber supplements. Add on my herbal coffee and tea, and that is a lot of fluidity. But that is what is necessary to rid the body of the toxins (and it keeps things moving in the colon department) so it is worth doing.

Third, this is a “diet” in name only. My morning shakes are very satisfying without making me feel overly full. My lunchtime salad (today was a bunch of Romaine lettuce, broccoli, peppers, half an avocado, sardines, and topped off with pesto) seemed so big I could hardly finish it. For the last couple nights I’ve been busy, so I just made Trader Joe’s salmon burgers (just the patties) and sautéed up some kale with an egg in it. I haven’t had time to cook the meals suggested, though I’m going to try to tonight.

So far, so good. My energy has been pretty good, but I think I’m going through the worst of the caffeine withdrawals now. Hopefully that will clear up in a day or two. Food/sugar cravings are basically nonexistent.

Nancie Carter, reader

I have to say, I'm feeling good! I thought I would feel more tired. I’m behind today on everything—eating, vitamins, exercise—due to not being able to get to sleep before 2:00 am then getting woken up by my daughter not feeling good till about 5:00, back to sleep till 10:00 am and waking up but not wanting to get up till 11:00.

Once up, I saw the time and how little I had to accomplish what I was planning on doing today, started getting me in a little of a rush again. Preparing breakfast knowing it was almost lunch frustrated me too. So … taking five deep breaths, I started making my smoothie and taking my vitamins, writing my blog to send in, feeling myself relax again to plunge through what I needed to get done and preparing food to take to work.

And wow! Another pound off this morning, and measurement going down in inches, I'm doing good! I feel good ... and even getting more motivated, continuing this detox with enthusiasm and excitement to do better each day than the last.

I put a step tracker on myself yesterday and at the end of the day put in 11,481 steps. I found I had more energy at work to get things done. Feeling strong and energized is a vitamin all in itself—it’s one that I have not felt in a long time and I’m loving it again.

Being conscious and thinking about how and what I’m eating and the results I’m feeling is just so awesome. I’m noticing my mood is calmer. I am not reacting to what I have no control over. I am living with more ease and feel somewhat less stress.

I never imagined in just this short of time I could actually feel this good, with the changes I’ve made so far. I have to say I’m very pleased that I’ve had the chance to take this journey to get myself back on the right track!

Jennifer Schreiner, reader

I thought yesterday would turn out to be a good day, but after nonstop errands and running the kids to their appointments, I was feeling the effects by the end of the day. I realized that it was six years since I stepped into a fitness center but I only had 40 minutes to spare for the entire day. I failed to drink enough water, my meals were hours later than scheduled, and I never had the chance to do my detox bath. The pain in my back was intensifying again. It was 3:00 a.m. when I was fully awake thinking about how frustrated, disappointed, and stressed out I was over my inability to take better care of myself.

I planned to make a better day for the third day of the diet. I realized I really need to take some time out to prep my snacks and meals so this does not happen again. I intend to take an extra bath today to relax and regroup since the third day weight and measurements showed minor improvements. 

My waist has decreased three inches since the start of the program. The morning proves to be my hardest part of the diet as the Detox Shakes are slightly tart and thicker with a variety of nuts and seeds. It seems I need to adjust the way I make the shake to my preference to make it more enjoyable. The PGX fiber powder does not mix well with the water so I must drink it fast. My most enjoyable part of the diet is the lunch and dinners I make that satisfy me without filling me up. Another trip to the store went well for me as I smelled the chocolate but was able to quickly move onto the rest of my shopping without feeling hungry at all. The best part of this week has been my energy levels. I never thought I could go through an entire day without two cups or more of coffee. I find myself sprinting up the steps without slowing down. This energy will help me keep up with my younger children.