Color My Rice

By Susan McDaniel

And you thought choosing brown over white was all you needed to know when it came to rice. Turns out colored rice not only provides a fresh new palette for traditional rice recipes, it also serves up big nutritional benefits as well.

Color: Red
Health Benefits: Has more than twice as much iron as brown rice and is packed with zinc and calcium. Also contains phytonutrients such as phenolics, which have antioxidant potential.
How to Prepare: Replace white or brown rice with red in your favorite burrito recipe for a health-packed surprise.

Color: Purple
Health Benefits: High in iron and a great source of protein. Also contains anthocyanins, which studies suggest have anti-inflammatory properties and may protect against heart disease and cancer.
How to Prepare: Purple, sticky rice works well in rice pudding recipes because of its sweetness.

Color: Black (not to be confused with wild rice)
Health Benefits: High in fiber (almost double the fiber content in red or brown varieties), iron, and protein, and contains anti-inflammatory anthocyanins.
How to Prepare: A firm texture and nutty flavor makes it especially tasty under broiled salmon topped with a basil pesto.