Skin Health

  • I Tried It: Acupunture Face-Lift

    My face looks a bit like a newspaper that’s been folded too many times—quite different than its unlined appearance of years past. So I decided to try facial acupuncture, a technique that addresses all-over health issues to help counteract fine lines, sagging, and puffiness.

    By Barbara Hey
  • The Beauty Bar: Probiotics in Skincare

    You may already know that taking probiotics helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract and fight myriad diseases (see “Fermented Food Fest,” online). But new research shows probiotics can clear up your complexion, too.

  • Alternative Scar Treatments

    Want to Prevent a Scar? Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties actually lift dirt from the bed of the wound and help battle infection—a key to preventing a scar from forming in the first place. Manuka’s particularly high vitamin C content also leads to a faster rate of tissue regeneration and inflammation suppression.

    Heal scars naturally with these tips from Seattle-based naturopath Tamara Cullen, ND
    By Nicole Duncan
  • Uncover Your Bare-Worthy Body

    Ah, summer. For every delight the season promises—sundresses, outdoor activities, warm breezes—it presents a corresponding challenge—exposed skin, itchy ailments, frizz.

    By Kate Hanley
  • The Dirt on Scrubs

    Exfoliating layers of dead skin goes beyond hygiene—it feels like you’re brushing off past sins to reveal a new you, and a fresh beginning. Unfortunately, your personal sense of purification could be taking a toll on the environment.

    Choose the cleanest and greenest exfoliants for your face.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Secrets to Goregous Skin

    The skin never lies. Unlike other organs of the body, hidden and shrouded in mystery, the skin is an extrovert, blithely revealing your inner life without so much as a disclaimer. And the confidences it gives away? Sloppy skincare, secret vices, and sleepless nights.

    Do-it-yourself cure for problem spots.
    By Rona Berg
  • Fungi For Your Face

    You might think of fungus as the last thing to benefit your complexion, but a growing body of research suggests mushrooms may soon play a starring role in luxe skincare products. Keep an eye out for lotions and potions infused with these skin-saving ’shrooms.

    By Josie Garthwaite
  • Mad About Moisturizers

    You’ve pulled your sweaters from the back of the closet, polished your boots, and dusted off your coat collection. But have you also remembered to winterize your moisturizer? Just as cold-weather clothes insulate you from freezing temperatures, your moisturizer protects your face from the drier, harsher air of winter.

    A solution for every skin type
    By Kate Hanley