Beauty from the Inside Out

Can collagen really give you beauty from within?
By Amy Vergin

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up each morning and take a pill that erased wrinkles, eliminated dry skin, and made you look years younger?

Although we have not found the fountain of youth in pill form, research indicates that taking a collagen supplement can improve the appearance of your skin from within.

We tend to take skincare personally, using products to enhance our natural beauty, covering blemishes and wrinkles to maintain a more youthful appearance. Some are blessed with a youthful exterior that seems to contradict their chronological years. Genes can play a significant role in this, but in the end, maintaining youthfulness can boil down to embracing fundamental skincare principles on a daily basis.

Collagen 101

This is where collagen comes into the picture. According to Heather Hausenblas, PhD, scientific advisor for Reserveage Organics, “Collagen is a protein we see throughout the body. We have a lot of collagen that is found within the cartilage and within the joint structure.” Many internal functions depend on proteins to maintain and replenish the tissues in the body. Muscles, organs, and immune system functions need proteins to properly execute their jobs.

“[Collagen] is also one of those beauty proteins you see within the dermal layer of your skin,” Dr. Hausenblas says. “I equate the collagen in your skin with the foundation of a house. If the foundation begins to sag, then your house will begin to sag. It’s the same with your skin. As we get older, unfortunately our collagen production slows down.” When we are young, the collagen in our skin is resilient to the daily grind and remains plump. As we age, though, collagen slowly loses its ability to renew itself—and wrinkles are the result.

3 main types of collagen

There are several different types of collagen in the body that form our bones, ligaments, and connective tissues. “There are about 28 different types [of collagen] that have been found. Types one, two, and three are the most common and typically what we think about when we’re talking about beauty proteins and overall appearance health,” says Dr. Hausenblas.

What are these three types of collagen? Dr. Hausenblas says that type one is the most abundant and is found in our bones, skin, and intervertebral discs. This is also the same type of collagen found in the gelatin industry and used for research purposes. Type two is prominently found in cartilage. This is the type that can be used for joint health conditions like arthritis, but also for wrinkles. Type three is found in the skin, muscles, and in the intestinal wall. This is the type that most people will take in supplement form. According to Dr. Hausenblas, “Type three is oftentimes taken to promote healthy skin, bone, and muscles. When most people are looking for a supplement they just see collagen. They’ll pick that not realizing that there is a distinction between the different types of collagen.”

Reserveage Organics uses BioCell Collagen in their capsules (a type two form) with good reason. But why BioCell Collagen, and not another? “An answer to that is it works,” Dr. Hausenblas says. “It’s clinically proven in three published studies on humans. A lot of the Reserveage Organics ingredients are science-based. The BioCell Collagen is a natural matrix of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate.”

The studies showed that people who took a clinical dose of supplements containing BioCell Collagen for two months saw improvements in wrinkles and fine lines and observed healthier joints, skin, and tissue. Because of this research, Reserveage Organics sticks with BioCell’s form of collagen.

Visible results

The beauty—no pun intended—is that these studies show reliable quick results. People started seeing visible changes in their skin between four and eight weeks. The longer the people continued to take the supplement, the better the results. “We had done a six month study of individuals taking the BioCell Collagen plus resveratrol. We had women who had visible signs of aging. At three months, we were seeing significant improvements in their skin and their skin satisfaction. This was maintained at six months.”

Is beauty from within a real thing? Can we really take a collagen supplement and feel younger, more beautiful, and healthier? It is and we can.

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