Natural Radiance

  • Natural Beauty

    Years ago, sick of my dull brown hair and inspired by Kate Winslet’s auburn locks in Titanic, I decided to try some henna. Alas, the effect was more Little Orphan Annie than glamorous movie star, and I was crying before I’d even rinsed it out—which is how I ended up dyeing my hair blonde.

    Treat Your Hair Right
    By Sierra Senyak
  • Summer Over-Exposure

    On warm summer days spent outside at the beach, by the pool, on the court, or in the garden, it’s all too easy to forget to reapply (or even apply) sunscreen. While the resulting damage can’t be reversed, it is possible to lessen the aftereffects of too much sun in order to take the ache away.

    Heal sunburn and damaged skin the natural way.
    By Brooke Holmgren
  • Sea Buckthorn: A Power Plant

    Sea buckthorn is a plant with many legends attached to it and although it seems like a mystical berry, its healing properties are grounded in the scientific world. Sea Buckthorn’s genus name, Hippophae, means “shining horse,” adding credit to some far-fetched fables that accompany the plant’s history.

    Ancient medicine for your current ailments.
    By Cara Lucas
  • Simple Detox Tips

    Detox seems to have a plethora of meanings. For some, it signifies eating only organic foods or eliminating sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. For others, colon cleansing and liquid-only fasts are part of the regimen. Still, others detox by adding regular meditation or yoga to their schedules. Others still use packaged detox products.

    Combined with dietary changes, exercise, and proper hydration a detox can be like “spring cleaning” for your body.
  • Gluten-Free Beauty

    Stomach pains, digestive problems, and headaches are just a few symptoms of what most people would characterize as gluten intolerance. But, did you know that your skin, or even your hair, could be trying to tell you something about a possible food allergy, as well?

    You may be surprised that gluten can find its way into your body through your cosmetics.
    by Cara Lucas
  • Love the Skin You're In

    It’s been said that by a certain age we get the face we deserve. The ravages of bad habits and bad moods, too little sleep, and poor nutrition add up to sags, wrinkles, and age spots we can no longer ignore.

    A natural approach to your most beautiful skin.
  • 3rd Annual Beauty with a Conscience Awards

    Deciding what goes on your body in the form of lotions, potions, perfumes, hair products, cosmetics, and foot creams can be an overwhelming task—especially if you are a health conscious consumer who looks out for tricky ingredients that can actually damage your body rather than enhance it.

    The best in natural beauty products
  • Get Glowing!

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but gold, silver, and other gems are her skin’s new go-to pal. Once reserved only for jewelry, precious metals and stones now appear in skin- and haircare products such as garnet exfoliants, 24-karat gold facials, and amethyst-infused scalp oils. These add a touch of luxury to your usual beauty routine and may even help delay signs

    Precious metals and stones put sparkle in your skin.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • In The Clear

    Once puberty had come and gone, I thought my pimples had followed my prom dress into the back closet. But the joke was on me. At 31, days after giving birth, my face began breaking out in a freak show that could rival any teenager’s.

    Get rid of adult acne once and for all.
    By Trisha Gura
  • The Beauty Pantry

    It’s getting easier every day to find clean and green skin- and haircare products as more and more brands introduce sophisticated formulations that feature the best of nature’s bounty with minimal chemical residue. You can now go organic with virtually anything you choose to spray on, rub in, or lather up with.

    Look no further than your kitchen for indulgent (and budget-friendly) skin savers.
    By Hillari Dowdle