Goodbye Pale Skin

We’re all feeling a little pasty-white these days. Here’s how to get that sun-kissed look
back—no trip to the beach required.

Tip: It helps to exfoliate first to get rid of rough skin patches and then apply a moisturizer
to extra-dry areas. This will help to even out the tint on your skin. If you end up with
streaks, don’t add more self tanner to even it out; use a pumice stone or emery board
to scrub them away. Also, look out for tanners with parabens, lanolin, and mineral oil
ingredients. Instead, opt for natural brands that use natural oils such as sunflower oil or
coconut oil.

Picks: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunless Tanning ($10;, Zia Age
Defining Solar Care Sunless Tanner ($18;, and Chocolate Sun Absolute
Sun Sunless Tanning Cream by Spirit Beauty Lounge ($40,

Powder Bronzers
Tip: Apply all of your makeup first, then add bronzer with a large brush only where the
sun would naturally hit: nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, and chest.

Picks: Everyday Bronzer by Everyday Minerals ($8, or Organic
Wear 100% Natural Origin Bronzer by Physicians Formula ($14, physiciansforumula.

Shimer Lotions
Tip: Use these glittery lotions on your legs, arms, and chest for when you want that summertime
glow, but don’t want to totally change the color of your skin. Bonus: They wash
off in the shower, so it’s a temporary commitment. Great for a little glow for your next

Picks: Pure & Basic Glitter Up Shimmering Body Lotion ($10; and
Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion ($9;