Emu Oil

By Lindsay Wilson

Treating any skin condition—psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, burns, wounds, or scars—just got easier with the beauty world’s latest darling, emu oil. Rich in both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the oil from this Australian bird offers an anti-inflammatory, cell-regenerating solution. What makes emu oil so potent? It’s transdermal, which means it penetrates all layers of skin, instead of just the first couple like most of your regular lotions, potions, and oils. In addition, the fatty acid composition of emu oil is similar to that of the human body, so we absorb it readily.
Caveat: Make sure the emu oil you buy comes from birds fed a healthy vegetarian diet so you get the most benefit. “Research shows that emus fed soybeans have a higher level of healthy polyunsaturated fats compared to those fed beef tallow,” says Valori Treloar, a holistic dermatologist in Boston.

We like: Thunder Ridge Emu; this company raises its own soy-fed emus without hormones or antibiotics and harvests them humanely. ($14, 2 oz oil; $30, 90 capsules; thunderridgeemu.com). Or try Laid In Montana’s Refreshing Lotion and Fatty Acid supplements ($20, 8 oz oil; $29, 90 capsules; laidinmt.com).