Poison-Free Perfumes

By Lindsey Galloway

Consumers scrutinize labels as carefully as they examine their discretionary income statements these days, and it’s paying off—beauty companies have begun to reduce their toxic load because of customer demands. The negative press surrounding phthalates has forced mainstream perfume makers to begin removing these damaging chemicals from their fragrances. A recent report released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that out of 12 products that contained high levels of hormone-disrupting phthalates when tested in 2002, nine are now phthalate-free or have reduced levels of the chemical. Christian Dior’s Poison perfume tested clean, demonstrating that even Big Parfuma can make healthier versions of femme fatale scents. “Some companies are finally getting the message that consumers don’t want to rub and spray these toxic chemicals on their bodies,” said Lisa Archer from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Score one for safety!