Are You Wearing Vitamin E?

Why cosmetics companies are turning to vitamin E
By Amy Vergin

The question isn’t why cosmetic companies started putting vitamin E in their products—the question is why didn’t they before? We’ve seen the impressive effects it has on the body (boosts the immune system, prevents clotting, helps treat diabetes, cancers, and prevents pregnancy complications, to name a few) yet this information didn’t correlate right away to the beauty industry, except for one company.

The first company to include this powerful ingredient was derma e, over 28 years ago. Derma e didn’t even exist until the creators realized the benefits contained in vitamin E and the implications for cosmetics. Linda Miles, DOM, formulator of derma e said, “Vitamin E was the first antioxidant discovered. When we realized that it offered multiple benefits to skin when applied topically, we founded derma e and formulated our very first product, the Vitamin E Severely Dry Skin Crème. The product still exists today, and is one of our best-selling formulas.”

When vitamin E hits your skin it is directly absorbed and promotes blood circulation. It also works to protect skin from UV damage, improves the texture of your skin, reduces the severity of sunburn, promotes hair growth, and works as an excellent anti-inflammatory.

According to Linda, “Our skin has a natural barrier, a waterproof seal that keeps moisture in the skin and prevents evaporation. Both the natural aging process and environmental influences cause the barrier to break down, allowing skin to lose moisture and become dry. Vitamin E helps maintain the barrier function by locking moisture into the skin and preventing dehydration.” Vitamin E has also been shown to greatly help with anti-aging and wrinkles thanks to those powerful moisturizing effects.

Not sure if your cosmetics contain vitamin E? Check the labels. If you find tocopheryl acetate or vitamin E, you can be sure that your skin will feel the long-lasting effects.