Say Goodbye to Wrinkles!

New light is being shed on a ten-year compilation of research regarding the benefits of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). MSM has traditionally been used to help reduce joint pain and inflammation. Sulfur—a long-time friend of the dermatology industry—is a key component in MSM. Research suggests that daily oral supplementation with MSM may aid in minimizing the visible effects of aging on the skin.

“The most visible effect of aging occurs when there is a decline in healthy collagen which gives the skin its strength. This creates a hardening in the skin, otherwise known as wrinkles,” said Tim Hammond, Director of Sales and Strategic Relations at Bergstrom Nutrition. “Sulfur helps preserve the pliancy of our skin by maintaining healthy collagen levels. With MSM being 34 percent sulfur by weight, it only makes sense that supplementing with MSM strengthens the skin.”

“Many people already taking MSM for joint pain and inflammation may not realize they are gaining anti-aging benefits,” said Hammond. “And for those who are currently taking a supplement for joint health that does not include MSM, a simple switch to a product utilizing OptiMSM could provide multiple benefits.”