5th Annual Beauty with a Conscience Awards

Beauty isn’t hard work if you have the right tools.

Welcome to Natural Solutions’ 5th Annual Beauty With a Conscience Awards, where we provide a beauty toolbox starter kit to get your grooming regimen on the right track. Here, we recognize companies promoting natural health in the beauty and wellness industry. These companies know that beauty and good-for-you go hand in hand, and they showcase the most honest ingredients on the health and beauty market today in their featured products.

Our editors peeled away the layers of conventional body and beauty wisdom and uncovered crucial missing information our readers need for true transformation. We gathered that information by testing different natural beauty products companies submitted to our contest. But, like food, many products labeled “natural” aren’t natural at all, so we sifted through ingredient after ingredient, eliminating those products containing any hormone disrupters, carcinogens, toxic byproducts, and heavy metals.

We feel good about the picks we came away with—we hope that you, our readers, feel the same. These products not only keep you healthy on the outside, but benefit your overall health by steering clear of dangerous chemicals and additives that harm your body over time.

As the years pass, the most elusive beauty characteristic is your vitality. It sits in the quiet sanctuary within each of us. To connect with it, you have to “take a breather.” You have to get away from the overstimulating products that bombard you with promises of temporary change and get back to the basic ingredients that enhance both your inner and outer beauty. This mindset—once tapped into—can change your life and redirect your path to real health, where you will thrive.

We hope that you can refine your beauty instincts with the following products, unearth your glowing potential, and—with a little direction from Natural Solutions and the amazing companies that create these products—navigate the modern beauty labyrinth. It can be done, and it starts here. Enjoy!


FACE// Antiaging

ilike Age Defense Bioflavonoid Eye Cream // $72, szepelet.com

This ilike antiaging cream uses the power of bioflavonoids to revive, nourish, and hydrate tired eyes. Also prevents free radical damage and slows down the process of aging.

We also like derma e BB Crème // $40, dermae.com and MyChelle Dermaceuticals NoTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum // $58, mychelle.com


FACE// Cleanser

John Masters Organics Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash // $22, johnmasters.com

John Masters Organics uses this specially-formulated cleanser to help with oily skin. It utilizes 20 oil-fighting extracts and citrus oils that create a powerful astringent and also helps pore size and smoothness.

We also like NOW Clarify And Illuminate Age Transformation Cleanser // $16, nowfoods.com and Own Skin Health Rejuvenating Cleanser // $12, ownskinhealth.com


FACE// Exfoliant

Dairyface Peppermint Crème // $27, dairyface.com

Dairyface is the first yogurt specifically formulated to contain prebiotics and probiotics for topical use! It uses the power of lactic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, and more to keep your skin happy.

We also like Andalou Naturals Kombucha Enzyme Exfoliating Peel // $15, andalou.com and MyChelle Dermaceuticals Fruit Enzyme Scrub // $18, mychelle.com


FACE// Eye Cream/Gel

Everclen Eye Cream // $20, everclen.com

Everclen, one of the newest product lines right now, is made for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic and non-GMO. This eye cream moisturizes the delicate, sensitive skin under the eyes without irritation.

We also like Blissoma Bright Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum // $46, blissoma.com and Dairyface Eye Caramba // $27, dairyface.com


FACE// Lip Balm

Badger Healthy Body Care Poetic Pomegranate Lip Balm // $5, badgerbalm.com

Badger Lip Balm uses Organic Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter that is processed at low temperatures to help it retain its natural properties. Each lip balm is packed with antioxidants to keep your lips healthy and smooth.

We also like Eco Lips Mongo Kiss Pomegranate // $2, ecolips.com and Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Sweet Bee Magic Wand // $13, medicinemamasapothecary.com


FACE// Mask/Peel

Just Neem Neem Clay Mask // $26, justneem.com

Just Neem’s Clay Mask promotes clear and healthy skin with the help of pure French clay, African neem leaves, and hydrating oils. It draws out impurities as well as tightening pores!

We also like Green And Glam Purity Beauty Hydrate Anti-Oxidant Mask // $26, organicbeautynow.com and ilike Botanical AHA Peel // $72, szepelet.com


FACE// Moisturizer

Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Everyday Facial Moisturizer // $18, brittaniesthyme.com

Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Moisturizer provides natural antioxidants along with vitamin E, beta carotene, and omegas that work to give you supple skin. This moisturizer also creates a barrier to limit environmental damage to cells.

We also like Frangipani Regenerating Flower Cream // $21, frangipanibodyproducts.com and NOW Vitamin E Cream // $12, nowfoods.com


FACE// Night Cream

Andalou Naturals Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream // $25, andalou.com

Andalou’s repair cream renews your skin at a cellular level using fruit stem cell complex, resveratrol, and CoQ10. This helps stimulate circulation and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles overnight.

We also like Own Skin Health Refining Moisture Night Cream // $25, ownskinhealth.com and Reviva Labs Elastin & DMAE Night Cream // $14, revivalabs.com


FACE// Toner

Blissoma Tone Adaptive Energy Tonique // $26, blissoma.com

Blissoma’s toner uses 10 natural active ingredients and a recipe with antioxidants, adaptogens, and vitamins to help hydrate your skin. The organic herbs help skin respond to internal and external stressors and also soothe irritations.

We also like Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Balancing Facial Toner // $11, brittaniesthyme.com and Terressentials Organic Flower Therapy Exfoliating Facial Toner // $17, terressentials.com


BODY// Bar Soap

Essential Formulas Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar // $12, essentialformulas.com

Essential Formula’s beauty bar uses ancient Japanese fermentation skills, modern science, and natural ingredients to create a clarifying, balancing, and rejuvenating bar that is gentle enough for the entire family.

We also like Lather Vanilla Bean and Shea Soap // $8, lather.com and Plantlife Natural Body Care Jojoba Rosehip Skin Bar // $10, plantlife.net


BODY// Bath Salt/Soak

Aura Cacia Tranquil Chamomile Aromatherapy Mineral Bath // $12, auracacia.com

Aura Cacia’s mineral bath creates an at-home spa treatment that relaxes the body, calms the spirit, and leaves your skin smooth with the help of chamomile.

We also like Plantlife Natural Body Care Sore Muscle Therapy // $20, plantlife.net and Susan Ciminelli Algae Fine Powder // $95, susanciminelli.com


BODY// Body Lotion

Pangea Organics Body Lotion Pyrenees Lavender And Cardamom // $18, pangeaorganics.com

Pangea’s body lotion absorbs readily and provides long-term hydration. Ingredients like lavender and cardamom help soothe, relax, purify, and invigorate your body.

We also like Earth Science Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion // $10, earthsciencenaturals.com and Home Health Almond Glow Almond Skin Lotion // $20, homehealthus.com


BODY// Body Oil

Derma e Skin, Hair, and Nail Oil // $16, dermae.com

Derma e’s oil restores your natural glow from head to toe with plant oils that are 100 percent pure. The oil works to condition nails, moisturize hair, boost shine, and soften frizz.

We also like Auromère Ayurvedic Massage Oil // $10, auromere.com and Frangipani Grapefruit Body Oil // $25, frangipanibodyproducts.com


BODY// Body Scrub/Polish

SW Basics of Brooklyn Body Scrub // $22, swbasicsofbk.com

SW Basics of Brooklyn uses coarse organic demerara sugar and organic shredded coconut in their body scrub to exfoliate and moisturize your skin while also leaving behind a great scent.

We also like Aura Cacia Lavender Body Polish // $10, auracacia.com and Pangea Organics Body Polish Brazilian Brown Sugar With Cocoa Butter // $20, pangeaorganics.com


BODY// Body Wash/Shower Gel

Andalou Naturals Aloe Mint Shower Gel // $10, andalou.com

Andalou Naturals shower gel gives your skin a healthy radiance and vitality with the help of cooling aloe vera, mint leaf, and cocoa butter. The botanicals freshen and leave your skin soft and healthy.

We also like Organix-South Theraneem Naturals Neem Liquid Soap Soothing Therapé // $13, organixsouth.com and Soapbox Natural Pomegranate Body And Soul Wash // $8, soapboxsoap.com


BODY// Hand Cream

Erbaviva Hand Cream // $16, erbaviva.com

Erbaviva’s hand cream combines the skin rejuvenation properties of Commiphora mukul and the antioxidant benefits of rosemary extract to leave your skin protected and moisturized.

We also like Green And Glam Purity Beauty Peppermint Grapefruit Hand And Foot Repair // $30, organicbeautynow.com and Pura Botanica Lend A Hand Crème Smoother // $12, puraproducts.com


HAIR// Shampoo/Conditioner

NOW Natural Berry Full Conditioner // $8, nowfoods.com

NOW Solutions shampoo and conditioner help boost fine and thin hair while also providing a great natural berry scent. The conditioner and shampoo are filled with biotin, panthenol, and algae extract to generate shine.

We also like Green And Glam Purity Beauty Shampoo // $24, organicbeautynow.com and Pura Botanica True Shampoo // $16, puraproducts.com