Beauty Ingredient: Sea Buckthorn Berry

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), not to be confused with buckthorn, is a plant native to Europe and

Asia and is largely contained within coastal areas.

The pea-sized orange berry of the plant boasts a rich composition of palmitoleic acid; beta-carotene; and vitamins A, C, and E that make it an excellent ingredient for cosmetic products. The oil from the berry’s seeds is useful in repairing cell damage due to the high levels of vitamins A and E. The oil from the kernel lacks the potency of the seed, therefore cheaper cosmetics containing sea buckthorn berry extract are less effective.

The beta-carotene is potent, and undiluted sea buckthorn berry can be used as a natural bronzer. In addition to cosmetics, sea buckthorn berry is used in numerous beverages, syrups, and jams.