• Healthy Nails Are Within Your Grasp

    Old habits die hard. Although my mother tried every trick in the book to defeat my nail-biting habit as a youngster, picking at my fingernails was a stress-relieving pattern, and, like many children, my nails served as ten little targets for my anxiety.

    What do your nails say about your health?
    By Cara Lucas
  • Keeping Baby Natural

    Do you remember when your mom or grandmother urged you to smother your newborn baby in scented lotions or oils to get that baby fresh smell? Although that “fresh baby” smell may have made grandma feel good, what did those lotions or oils do to your baby?

    Keep our baby clean and smelling great with natural products and common sense.
    By Jenn Benson
  • Shopping for Beauty, Naturally


    Your guide to finding products that are really natural, and which aren't.
    By Yael Grauer
  • Love Your Lips

    Summer is fun and freeing for our minds and bodies, yet it can be downright harsh on our skin. It’s important to remember that our lips are a part of our skin and should be protected just as carefully as the rest of our body. Here are some tips on what to look for (and avoid) in lip balm.
    Why our lips get chapped:

    Chapped lips are a pain, but thankfully, some lip balms actually repair dry lips rather than simply mask the problem.
    By Brooke Holmgren
  • Beauty Ingredient: Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba oil is not actually an oil like one would think, but it is a liquid ester produced from the seed of the jojoba plant. The plant is native to dry climates like Arizona, California and Mexico, and the oil helps the plants retain moisture during long summer months.

  • This Summer, Dive Into Sunscreen

    Gone are the days when I used to bake by the pool like a hot potato. No shirt, no shoes, no wrinkles, no worries. Youthful and vibrant, I never thought much about protecting my skin from its future fate (called aging). Or, for that matter, the inevitable impact that skin cancer could possibly have on my life—in a more convenient, post-dated era, of course.

    You can still have fun in the sun and keep your skin safe by choosing the right sunscreen.
    By Cara Lucas
    Sunscreen, natural sunscreen, dive into sunscreen
  • Clear Skin Basics

    Like most teenagers, I spent my high school years awaiting the day my acne would magically disappear. I always figured zits were something I would eventually outgrow. Well, here I am, all grown up with two kids of my own—and I’m still waiting to outgrow my acne.

    Get rid of adult acne for good, the natural way.
    By Elizabeth Walling
  • Beauty at Every Age


    When it comes to natural radiance, you shine from the inside out, with confidence.
    By Kristin Caven
  • Beauty Ingredient: Witch Hazel

    Witch Hazel is a naturally occurring astringent derived from the witch hazel shrub.

  • Beauty Ingredient: Sea Buckthorn Berry

    Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), not to be confused with buckthorn, is a plant native to Europe and

    Asia and is largely contained within coastal areas.