• Alternatives for Unwanted Hair

    Tired of tweezers and razors, and the red, irritated skin they can leave behind? Consider these skin-saving swaps:

    An aesthetician wraps a strong thread around each hair and lifts it from the root. Too time-consuming for a full-body treatment, this technique is best for face and neck defuzzing.


    By Lindsey Galloway
  • The Sag Thruth

    If you’ve heard the old wives’ tale about breast-feeding and sagging, consider it, um, busted. A recent study from the University of Kentucky failed to establish a link between nursing and breast ptosis (med-speak for “sag”). According to lead author Brian D. Rinker, MD, the real culprits include smoking, weight fluctuation (like pregnancy), heredity, and simple aging.

    Bu Josie Garthwaite
  • Lethal Lashes

    Putting on your face can be dangerous—and not just if you’re driving. Mercury, also known as thimerosal, has lately held the spotlight as one of cosmetics’ problem children because of its association with neurological damage.

    By Elizabeth Marglin
  • Just Say No To Nanos

    In deciding to withhold its organic certification from any product that uses “man-made nanomaterials,” England’s Soil Association became the first organization in the world to take action against what it terms “this hazardous, potentially toxic technology that poses a serious new threat to human health.”

    By James Keough
  • The Dirt on Scrubs

    Exfoliating layers of dead skin goes beyond hygiene—it feels like you’re brushing off past sins to reveal a new you, and a fresh beginning. Unfortunately, your personal sense of purification could be taking a toll on the environment.

    Choose the cleanest and greenest exfoliants for your face.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Secrets to Goregous Skin

    The skin never lies. Unlike other organs of the body, hidden and shrouded in mystery, the skin is an extrovert, blithely revealing your inner life without so much as a disclaimer. And the confidences it gives away? Sloppy skincare, secret vices, and sleepless nights.

    Do-it-yourself cure for problem spots.
    By Rona Berg
  • Mind Your Manicures

    Natural nails have never been more in style. Many spas and salons across the country have scratched those artificial acrylic tips from their repertoire, and most dermatologists advise against cutting back cuticles or applying toxic polishes.

    Nail down the healthiest choices for your hands.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Look Out for Your Eyes

    Whether you currently have 20/20 sight or can’t see the big E on an eye chart, here’s how to keep your eyes as strong and sharp as possible.

    Whether you currently have 20/20 sight or can't see the big E on an eye chart, here's how to leep your eyes as strong and sharp as possible.
    By Matthew Solan
  • The Beauty Bar: Vitamin E's Antiaging Perk

    This free-radical fighter neutralizes the effects of pollution and protects lipid layers so your skin retains moisture and plumpness—keeping wrinkles away. It’s also been shown to decrease the risk of heart attack.

  • Fungi For Your Face

    You might think of fungus as the last thing to benefit your complexion, but a growing body of research suggests mushrooms may soon play a starring role in luxe skincare products. Keep an eye out for lotions and potions infused with these skin-saving ’shrooms.

    By Josie Garthwaite