• Ayurvedic Secrets to Modern Beauty

    Have you ever noticed that people differ not only in how fast they age, but also in the way that they age? Some fight (and lose) the battle of the bulge, while the fashionably thin decry the wrinkles that deeply line their faces. Others bemoan the age spots, dark circles, and sags and bags that follow them into their 40s, 50s, and beyond.

    Tap into ancient wisdom to battle aging better
    By Nancy Lonsdorf, MD
  • Toxin Alert: Moisturizers: More Harm Than Good?

    Winter weather can take a toll on your skin, especially if you spend time outdoors where wind and sun exposure can dry out your face. But a new study advises you to scrutinize before you moisturize, because what you put on your skin could make the damaging effects of sunlight worse.

    By Rosemarie Colombraro
  • Global (Skin) Warming

    Turn up the heat on your beauty routine this winter with the latest trend in skincare: warming products. Because heat increases circulation, a product that warms your body will relax your muscles and help beneficial ingredients penetrate the skin. A few that get us fired up:

    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Retool Your Beauty Routine

    If you think your beauty cabinet passes muster just because you’ve banished parabens, think again. “A health-minded consumer’s responsibility does not end with the purchase of healthy and eco-friendly bodycare products,” says Julie Ebner, founder of Philadelphia’s Juju Spa and Organics.

    By Einav Keet
  • Mineral Magic

    Looking for makeup to help your skin, not just mask its problems? With a minimum of ingredients and no irritating fillers, natural makeup made from minerals and fruit pigments gives a safe and healthy glow to any complexion. The idea has quickly become a mainstream sensation, with brands from Cover Girl to Clinique creating “mineral-based” makeup lines.

    Choose the healthiest makeup to bring out your natural beauty.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • A Better Battle for the Bulge

    Wish you could get rid of those bulging nodules of fatty tissue on your thighs and buttocks? What a silly question. Cellulite happens when connective tissues between the skin and muscle loosen, allowing fat storage chambers to bulge.

    By Lisa Marshall
  • Healing Beauty

    When former model Blaire Kessler began treatment for breast cancer at age 31, her hair looked like a Brillo pad, her skin scarred badly, and her body became an early-menopausal mess. Well-meaning friends brought her skin creams that to her looked, smelled, and felt medicinal. Even the packaging depressed her—it seemed so drab and sterile.

    These soothing remedies can help you look and feel your best.
    By Lindsey Galloway and Elizabeth Marglin
  • Winterize Your Lips

    The cold temps and strong winds of winter can seemingly suck every molecule of moisture out of your lips. Here’s how to keep your lips kissably soft all season:

    By Erin Quinn
  • Pretty in Pink?

    Lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, perfume—Jessica Assaf applied them all, and more, before she hit 12. And by her mid teens, she estimates she was using 15 to 20 beauty products a day. Like many girls, Assaf was indoctrinated into the beauty culture at a young age, with makeover-themed birthday parties as early as kindergarten and trips to the nail salon starting in grade school.

    Companies now market makeup to girls as young as 3—and the health implications are huge.
    By Stacy Malkan
  • Beauty and The Bath

    Europeans have long known the true origin of the word spa: sanitas per agua or “health through water.” Before facials and massages became synonymous with spas, bathing was the premier avenue to personal wellness and whole-body detoxification. The citizens of ancient Rome considered a daily bath their civic duty to maintain public health.

    Give your skin a home spa pick-me-up.
    By Lindsey Galloway