• Hairspray Horrors

    Fight the urge to spray away your bad hair days. A recent study shows that boys born to women who frequently used hairspray have double the risk of birth defects caused by chemicals called phthalates.

  • The Beauty Bar: Neem

    Called the “wonder tree” of India, neem is known for its medicinal properties. When added to beauty products, it helps fight acne by deterring bacterial growth on the skin, explains ayurvedic physician Nancy Lonsdorf, MD. Its anti-inflammatory properties also soothe irritation and redness, and its high vitamin E content restores moisture and elasticity to the skin.

    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Bath-Time Wine

    Instead of throwing away wine that’s past its prime, add it to your bath, says Vanessa Henderson, spa director of Glad Springs Spa in Cle Elum, Washington. Wine is a natural skin softener that is rich in polyphenols, which help combat free radicals and slow down the aging process. Don’t look good in red? Fear not—cabs or merlots won’t dye your skin or stain your tub.

  • Eat To Beat Tooth Decay

    Wish you could avoid another jaw-dropping bill from the dentist? You can simply by tweaking your diet. Rami Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities With Nutrition (Golden Child Publishing, 2008) recommends the following diet tips to prevent cavities:

  • Poison-Free Perfumes

    Consumers scrutinize labels as carefully as they examine their discretionary income statements these days, and it’s paying off—beauty companies have begun to reduce their toxic load because of customer demands. The negative press surrounding phthalates has forced mainstream perfume makers to begin removing these damaging chemicals from their fragrances.

    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Glow Local

    You try to buy food from your local farmers’ market and support local businesses as much as you can, so why not do the same with your beauty products? All you need to do is follow the lead of spas across the country.

    What beauty secrets might be hiding in your backyard?
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Readers' Choice Awards

    The first-ever Natural Solutions’ Beauty With a Conscience awards last October had everyone buzzing with excitement.

    From old faves to new finds, you told us what rocks your natural beauty world.
    By Elizabeth Marglin
  • Emu Oil

    Treating any skin condition—psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, burns, wounds, or scars—just got easier with the beauty world’s latest darling, emu oil. Rich in both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the oil from this Australian bird offers an anti-inflammatory, cell-regenerating solution. What makes emu oil so potent?

    By Lindsay Wilson
  • Fight the Frizz

    March’s cold wind and static-inducing wool caps make hat-hair a frizzy reality. But Sheila Cluff, owner of The Oaks Spa in Ojai, California, says not to despair—just apply a reparative hair mask, followed by a moisturizing scalp treatment. Here’s how to make your own at-home treatments for frizz-free tresses:

    By Bonnie Siegler
  • Bright Eyes

    Broken capillaries leak small amounts of blood that pool under your eyes almost like little bruises, says Paul Frank, a New York City–based dermatologist. The inflammation from these tiny bruises also explains the I-stayed-up-all-night puffiness. Besides catching up on your z’s, these four tricks can help you get rid of those raccoon eyes:

    Ever wonder where those dark circles under your eyes come from?
    By Celia Shatzman