• Heal Your Skin

    As if people with diabetes didn’t have enough to deal with, those managing this blood-glucose imbalance also face special skincare challenges. The small capillaries close to a diabetic’s skin often become narrowed, which slows circulation and makes skin more prone to problems.

    For diabetics experiencing inceased skin sensitivity, here's help.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Bee Beautiful


    Discover skincare benefits straight from the hive.
    By Jolene Hart
  • Silky Smooth

    I was 11 years old the first time I wore panty hose—and the first time I shaved my legs. For me, the two went hand in hand. While my girlfriends could pull on their suntan-colored L’eggs without disturbing the fine fuzz on their calves and thighs, I was so furry that hair bristled through the nylon.

    How to get rid of the hair you don't want.
    By Vicky Uhland
  • 5 Steps to Pretty Feet

    Your feet likely took a beating this summer. Now, shape up heel to toe in five easy, natural steps.
  • Beauty in the Mist

    Ask any aesthetician how to get beautifully glowing skin, and she’ll likely respond, “Hydration, hydration, hydration.” Water keeps skin looking fresh and healthy by hydrating and delivering nutrients to the cells.

    Haven't tried a facial spray? Here's why you should.
    By Stacey Lindsay
  • The Antiaging Solution

    Growing old is part of the natural course of life—feeling old doesn’t have to be. And while you can embrace the former, no one says you have to accept age-related illness or more than your fair share of fine lines, fatigue, and creaky joints.

    18 surprising tricks to turn back the clock
    By Vicky Uhland
  • Grooming for Guys

    No matter how rugged your guy, his skin is just as sensitive as yours—perhaps even more delicate. Male hormones, such as androgen, trigger increased production of sebum, the skin’s natural oils, which encourages bacteria and fungus overgrowth. Ironically, these conditions lead to dry, irritated skin, says Cindy Angerhofer, PhD, executive director of botanical research at Aveda.

    Help him choose and use safe, natural products.
    By Joel Warner
  • Sunscreen Primer

    Choosing the best sunscreen can be tougher than finding the perfect swimsuit. With hundreds of options available, should you reach for a product labeled “nano-free,” “all-day protection,” or “SPF 700”? Plus, terms like SPF, UVA, and UVB can have you swimming in a sea of acronyms before you even hit the water.

    What you need to know to have a burn-free summer.
    By Lindsey Galloway
  • Fix Unsightly Veins

    Bulging or web-like veins aren’t something you want to show off in shorts, but if you’re among the 60 percent of Americans (mainly women) who suffer with varicose or spider veins, that’s what you’re faced with every time the weather gets warm. To make matters worse, varicose veins can be extremely painful and often cause itching, burning, or throbbing in the legs.

    Five new ways to love your legs this summer.
    By Lynn Ginsburg
  • What Makes Scents

    The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) recently released its Transparency List (view at, naming 3,163 ingredients—synthetic and natural—that perfumiers use to make scents.

    By Melaina Junnti