Coping with Post-Holiday Stress

How to shift your mind into a positive gear after the holiday cheer.
by Elaine Seiler

No matter how delicious the food, how festive the decorations, or how joyous the holiday activities, when Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Ganapati, and New Year’s Eve are over, many of us are left with stress and remorse.

We wish the festivities could continue. We are sad that loved ones were not present or have returned home, leaving us feeling empty and alone. We are frustrated with our everyday, mundane routines. We wish our lives were different. We feel hopeless that such change will ever be possible. Somehow the high moments of the holidays exaggerate all the feelings we had before but were able to mask and even hide from ourselves. What can we do to relieve this angst?

I am not going to suggest a trip to the therapist, a dose of Valium, or the herbal remedy for depression. I am not going to tell you just hang in there and you will feel better in time. Rather, I want to introduce you to a whole new way of perceiving and coping with post-holiday stress.

Let me introduce you to the world of energetics— the world of vibrations that make up everything in and around you. Neither your body nor your environment are solid; they are made of rapidly moving molecules, dancing through space so quickly that you can not see them. All of humankind has agreed to perceive these objects as solid; in truth they are not.

Let’s deal with the post-holiday stress from this energetic viewpoint.

New Year’s is over; you are headed back to work, to school, or just to the ordinary responsibilities of everyday life. The excitement and magic of the holidays are over and all that is left is commuting to work, parenting the kids, managing two jobs to make ends meet, and/or coping with a stressful relationship.

What can you do? The answer is to shift gears, just the way you would shift gears in a car. Shift from a low gear to a high gear. Shift from a low and limited state of vibration to one that is higher—a state in which feelings of remorse, disappointment, frustration, depression, anger, hopelessness, and self-loathing cannot exist.

Negative feelings have low, slow, or heavy vibrations. Positive feelings, like joy, happiness, fulfillment, laughter, hopefulness, harmony, and peace, have high vibrations. When you have those positive feelings, the negative ones just disappear; they cannot exist in the field of high vibrations. It is a little like a cube of ice that cannot exist in a cup of hot water. The ice is a lot like our negative feelings—vibrations are dense and slow. The faster, higher vibrations overtake the slower, lower ones.

Your depression at the thought of the ensuing year being as difficult and challenging as the last year; your anger at your boss for not treating you with respect; your frustration with your kids for their lack of appreciation; your disgust with yourself for overeating and now having to face weeks of dieting to get into those gorgeous new jeans; your sadness that your father passed away two months ago and was not present at the Christmas dinner to see your new baby—none of these feelings can exist once you shift gears to a higher vibrational state.

So how do you achieve this shift? How do you let go of these very real and deeply held emotions? How do you change energetic gears?

Stop. Take a few deep breaths and become as calm and balanced as you can. Continue breathing until you feel yourself letting go of the angst. Move into a neutral state. Go into a state of no feelings as much as you can. That neutral state is a special place, where the vibrations are calm and balanced and from which you will be able to shift into a higher state of vibrations just by imagining yourself there.

No, this is not magic. It is actually possible to imagine feeling as you did on Christmas morning. Sense and feel the excitement and anticipation of opening holiday gifts. See in your mind’s eye the Chanukah Menorah all lit and glimmering before you. See the different colors of the Kwanza candles and Ganapati adornments, and sense the different feelings that each color elicited. Whatever holiday you have just celebrated, return in your mind’s eye to the celebration to feel whatever aspect of it was joyful and happy. And, if by chance there was some sadness and shadow over your holidays, take yourself on an imaginary trip to a place or time when joy was present. It doesn’t matter where you go in your mind in that neutral state as long as you shift gears from the negative place that was dragging you down to a neutral or positive state that shifts your vibratory field. In that new state of mind, the depression, hopelessness, sadness, or anger you felt just a moment ago cannot be present. The vibration of joy is higher, faster, and stronger than the vibration of sadness. They cannot co-exist.

Your job or your challenge is to mentally shift to a positive state. Feel it, enjoy it, celebrate it, and then become aware that you are no longer depressed or sad. This new state may only last a moment or it may last a whole evening. However long it continues, congratulate yourself for your shift and for your achievement at energetically shifting gears. Then repeat the process over again as many times as necessary until you can sustain the new state.

And, while you are doing this, pay attention to what occurs in your environment, because change will actually take place. As you become positive in your perspective, good things and people with positive attitudes, opportunities, and experiences will be drawn to you. It will seem like magic, but it is not. You will have transformed the energetic world in which you live, and in so doing, created a new physical and energetic reality. The physical world around you will begin to reflect and mirror the vibrations in your being that you are creating with your thoughts.

As like draws like, when you are positive in your thoughts, you will draw positive experiences to you.

Try this exercise. Share it with your friends and family. Teach it to your children and watch the transformation occur as post-holiday stress becomes post-holiday peace—as you realize that you can shift your way of being every day of the year. You can do it any time you stop, detach from that which is disturbing you, go into neutral, and bring in the positive energies of joy, peace, and harmony.

Now, I cannot promise that every situation will permanently change. But you will shift and the moments will alter. And if you are able to keep changing the moment, eventually you will experience amazing transformation in your life.

Remember those invisible vibrations around you are real, as real as the chair on which you sit and the magazine which you are reading. Continue to remind yourself that this is so. Feel the negative vibrations and then feel the new positive ones. Are they not real? Which ones would you rather experience?


Author and energetics expert Elaine Seiler is at the forefront of explaining humanity's "energetic evolution" and how we can cope and thrive in the face of rapid change. She is the author of Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution and Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook: Exercises for Energetic Awakening.