Sprouting Good Nutrition

Food Network star creates tasty, organic baby-food line.

It is easy to see that Tyler Florence is very passionate about the subject of food. A 15-year veteran of the Food Network, dad to three, restaurateur, and author, Tyler Florence knows firsthand that avoiding picky eating habits means starting early.

According to Florence, “If you’re not introduced to a food by the time you’re 3 years old, you’re literally afraid of it—as if it will hurt you.” He tries hard to feed his own children delicious, organic-based foods; this was a motivating factor in launching Sprout, Florence’s new line of organic baby food.

Sprout baby food is a line of organic meals for kids that was inspired by an experience Florence had during a photo shoot at his apartment. “One of our friends had brought her toddler son over and she was feeding him baby food. But he just absolutely hated it,” Florence explains. “So I just grabbed a couple of carrots out of my fridge, steamed and pureed them, and gave it to him. He licked the bowl clean. A friend of mine (who later became my cofounder) and I looked at each other and thought, ‘This is a really good idea.’” Sprout was started a few years later.

As a chef, Tyler Florence couldn’t understand the lack of flavor in baby food. People saw baby food as dull and tasteless, and he wanted to change that. Tyler made it his mission to change the way parents introduce their children to solid foods. “All of our Sprout recipes are tested on my own children,” he says. “If you taste apple, mango and carrot pureed together, it’s a sensational flavor combination that babies won’t forget, and moms love it too.”

The foods contain no added salt or sugars to ensure the child gets the real food taste. Tyler Florence creates Sprout’s recipes; his ingredient combinations and cooking methods are unique and enhanced with beneficial herbs and spices. The flavor, color, and smell of the food pleases both babies and parents—because it’s real food.

Sprout has a philosophy that is called “Nutrition Imprinting.” They teach parents that by offering babies a wide variety of great-tasting, nutritious foods right from the start, they can encourage the development of taste preferences, and thus healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.