Get Inspired: A Prescription for Life

By Cara Lucas

Dr. Andrew Abraham’s battle with cancer inspired Orgain, the world’s first certified-organic meal replacement drink. His physician-inspired recipe includes ingredients that are used by top cancer centers and world-class athletes alike. Dr. Abraham talks to Natural Solutions about his motivation for creating the drink.

NS: How did your battle with cancer inspire the creation of your drink, Orgain?

AA: During my battle with cancer, I simply had no appetite and couldn't even stomach the smell of food at times, so liquid nutrition was the only thing I could stand. I began blending my own organic shakes containing quality proteins, complex carbs, and fruits and vegetables. These shakes were a key part to regaining my weight and energy—it was then that I realized that there was a huge need for a product like this in the marketplace.

NS: What did you find you were lacking (in nutrition) as you went through your cancer treatments?

AA: The ready-to-drink nutritional shakes that most hospitals provide for cancer patients contain high amounts of sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, and genetically modified ingredients. Most people are aware that these types of ingredients are not beneficial for even healthy individuals, let alone those battling cancer. I decided to take a whole different approach with Orgain by using certified organic ingredients, which means no pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or high-fructose corn syrup.

NS: In what ways does the drink target cancer patients specifically?

AA: Good nutrition is vital for cancer patients. Their diet should be rich in high-quality, bio-available protein; complex carbohydrates; and cancer-fighting antioxidants while also limiting sugar content. Having this type of high-quality, organic nutrition plays an integral role in the body having enough strength to deal with some of the very taxing treatments that cancer patients endure. We have one cancer patient that has been living on Orgain exclusively for the past year and she feels great. I think this is a testament to the product and the high-quality ingredients used.

NS: What is your hope for the future of Orgain? How do you hope to impact the organic food market?

AA: My hope for the future of Orgain is to continue to raise the bar and provide the healthiest drinks possible. We hope to expand the line with new flavors, offer a kids shake, and continue to innovate products that revolutionize the category. Organic is so much more than just pesticide-free food; it is a lifestyle and movement that we desperately need in order to minimize the illness epidemic across the US. I want Orgain to represent the core of this movement and be at the forefront of innovation to give customers a healthy, tasty, and organic option that allows them to truly feel a difference in their health.