Plants for Non-Gardeners

Don’t have a green thumb? There are still plants you can keep without sending them too early to plant heaven. These plants not only look nice in your home, they’ll also purify the air, improve your health, and help you focus. Check out these 10 houseplants that can survive almost anything.

Bromeliad: Adapting quickly to life in a pot, the bromeliad is tolerant of temperature fluctuations, drought, and careless feeding. Thrives in 70-degree weather.

Cast-iron plant: Survives with low light, poor-quality soil, varying temperatures, and little water.

Jade plant: They retain water in their leaves and will go dormant if not given enough water.

Kalanchoe: Produces colorful, bell-shaped flowers, retains water, and does well in dry climates.

Phalaenopsis orchid: Needs very little light and does well in humid climates.

Philodendron: Does better underwatered than overwatered and likes low light.

Crown of thorns: Produces red blooms year-round and retains water.

Aloe: Although it does need sun, aloe cleans the air and produces gel that can heal cuts and burns.

Spider plant: Produces tiny white flowers and cleans the air of carbon monoxide.

Snake plant: Does well in low light and steamy, humid conditions (e.g., your bathroom).