Holiday Gift Guide

Perfect beauty, fitness, food, pet, home, and kid gift ideas!


Gabriel John Candles

Gabriel John set out to develop candles inspired by the true artisan tradition. Candles have a 65-hour burn time, and are handmade from pure soy in the heart of Chicago by stay-at-home moms. // $19,

Spoonk Acupressure Mat

Spending 20 to 40 minutes each day on a Spoonk Acupressure Mat stimulates blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, and gives users a sense of calm and wellbeing. // $39 travel version, $69 full size,

Trapper Scarf

Made by Faribault Woolen Mills, this scarf is created in a factory that has been in Faribault, Minnesota since 1865! This scarf features a classic tri-stripe design and is made of soft-loomed wool finished with a raw edge. // $49.95,

Tavern Puzzles

Tavern Puzzles are a great way to entertain guests for hours at holiday parties with their unique and challenging puzzles. Each puzzle is handcrafted and made by blacksmiths. // $22-$34,



Hydrating Facial Scrub with Fresh Goat’s Milk

A beauty essential, this exfoliating acai-infused facial wash gently rinses away dead cells from the skin’s surface while significantly increasing hydration. // $15.99,

Good for You Girls Complete Skin Care Kit

Good for You Girls aims to achieve beautiful, healthy skin with the finest blends of organic extracts and natural botanicals. This kit features a gel cleanser, non-alcohol purifying toner, and lightweight moisturizer. // $19.99,

Nature’s Gate Hand Cream

This new line of herbal-blend hand creams from Nature’s Gate hydrates, nourishes, and pampers dry hands. In Rose, Orchid, and Cherry Blossom. // $6.99,

Stages of Beauty

The new Stages of Beauty collection features four gift sets: Radiance for women in their 20s, Harmony for women in their 30s, Elegance for women in their 40s, and Grace for women in their 50s+. // prices vary,



Teach My Baby All-In-One Learning Kit

A learning kit with no batteries or DVDs, this award-winning kit features nesting blocks, finger puppets, books, textured and mirrored flashcards, a story board, and one and two piece puzzles—all in a portable and storable carrying case. // $49.99,

Box Play for Kids

Need a fun way for kids to dress up the ordinary milk container or macaroni box? Box Play For Kids uses recycled, custom-designed stickers for children to turn any box into a world of possibilities. // $3-$7,

Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit

Perfect for your little agrarian, kit lets you grow up to 1 1/2 pounds of gourmet, tasty oyster mushrooms per box; harvest your first crop in as little as ten days! // $19.99,

Baby Essentials Organic Mulmul Baby Blanket

Mulmul is an organic cotton from India that was used to make handwoven quilts for royal princes and princesses. Lightweight and breathable, its open weave texture helps adjust to the natural body temperature. It is treated only with vegetable dyes. // $40,



Sublime Yoga Mat and Apple Green Grippy Yoga Towel

Is your loved one’s yoga mat due for an upgrade? Check out the Sublime yoga mat for a twist of cool refreshment and delicate detail to their daily yoga practice. // $21.98, $34.98,

Yoga For Real Life

A great gift for the yoga enthusiast in your life! Maya Fiennes guides watchers through Kundalini yoga, a practice that engages the mind, body, and spirit. // $14.98,



Pittsburgh Popcorn

Deck the halls with tins of popcorn! Pittsburgh Popcorn creates some holiday fun with their 1 to 3.5 gallon popcorn tins covered with pine branches and lights. With several choices of flavors, this item will go perfectly with any present. // prices vary, 1- 3.5 gallon tins,

Dancing Deer Dessert Gift Box

Bring in the holidays with Dancing Deer’s Dessert Gift Box! Fill hungry stomachs with gourmet brownies, cookies, and cakes that are all-natural and baked from scratch. // prices vary per gift,

Calming Nourishment Gift Basket

Try out this creative organic gift basket to really soothe your loved one this season. This collection nourishes and calms and features a mixture of great organic and natural products. // $52,

Libre Tea

The Libre Tea Thermal Container is made with a double-walled poly exterior while the thermal container keeps tea warm while being cool to the touch. Each sip is leaf-free and is ideal for any tea drinker. // $32.50,

Choice Organic Green and Chai Teas

Warm up on a chilly December day with a nice cup of hot, organic tea. // $ 4.99,

Café Altura Biodynamic Coffee

For your coffee lovers, these beans are oily and fragrant, producing an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee. Biodynamic farms are organic, but are also viewed as a whole organism. // $28.80, 2 pound bag,



Spring Naturals Grain-Free Dinners and Treats for Dogs

If your canine companion is allergic or sensitive to grain in his diet, give him Spring Naturals Grain-Free Dinners and Treats for dogs. Real meat, poultry, or fish is the first ingredient, followed by a delectable medley of whole vegetables and whole fruits. // prices vary,

Soggy Doggy Doormat

OK, let’s be honest—this is a gift for you. This superabsorbent, microfiber doormat soaks up water like a sponge so you can have clean floors, and no more mucky-paw mess. //$39.99,