Tea Time

Organic tea company makes every choice count.
By Cara Lucas

Each day, we are faced with millions of tiny choices. Some choices we make without even thinking, while some we deliberate upon too long. It may be that we think our personal choices affect only us; but, in reality, even solid, thought-out decisions can have a ripple effect, and reverberate to distant circles in far away places.

Lets talk food, for example. It’s true that the type of food we consume is a personal choice dictated on several things: budget, health needs, personal beliefs, family heritage, or locality. But what is the story behind these products? Where did they come from? Why should you buy them?

Choice Organic Tea Company prides itself on making wholesome decisions that they hope trickle down to the buyer, as well as benefit the place and people from whence the product came. With a commitment to organic farming and fair-trade business practices, this tea company strives to consider everyone involved in their tea-making processes.

First Choice: The Planet

All of their teas have been certified organic since 1989. This practice goes well beyond the quality of the product and addresses the health of the planet. Unlike conventional agriculture, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in growing the tea, which sustains the health of the soil and surrounding environment.

Second Choice: The People

Choice Organics’ global workers don’t have to worry about a hazardous working environment. The company’s commitment to their employees is evident in their fair-trade initiatives, which guarantee fair wages, safe working conditions, respectable living conditions, no child labor, and a worker-managed community development premium. This premium, which is an extra amount paid by importers of Fair Trade tea, is worker-managed to support a community’s specific needs such as education, healthcare, retirement, home improvement, and childcare.

Third Choice: The Product

Organic tea provides a better flavor for the consumer, as well as added health benefits of a wholesome product. Ultimately, the decision to buy organic products is a choice you make for yourself. If you were to buy a conventional apple at the store, you'd be sure to wash it off before eating it. With tea, though, the first time you "wash" the leaves is when you brew the tea to drink it. When asking Choice Organic teas, "Why are you organic?" their response is quick. To them, it’s easy: "How could we be anything other than organic?"

It’s obvious that this tea company prides itself on executing good choices based on quality business practices. Reflected in its name, Choice Organic realizes the importance of each decision they make. Like a domino effect, one good choice sets off the next; ultimately making a positive difference for the environment, the product, and most importantly, the people.