Go Green by Going Blue

Rainbow Light makes strides to protect ocean ecosystems
By Cara Lucas

The fate of the world’s oceans is in our hands—and so are the animals that live there.

Did you know that 70 percent of the world is covered by water and yet most conservation efforts focus only on land-based initiatives? It’s important for us to keep in mind that what we do on land directly affects our delicate and vital ocean ecosystems on a global basis. Focusing on one without paying attention to the other is only part of the solution.

Rainbow Light is a natural supplements company committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship as core principles of their business. They recently partnered with Plant a Fish in an effort to make a positive impact on the world’s aquatic environments. Plant a Fish is a nonprofit organization that uniquely uses hands-on outdoor education to engage local communities towards proactive participation and restoration of their own ocean environments. This includes “re-planting” aquatic species of plants and animals in environmentally-stressed areas.

“Through the sales of Rainbow Light’s Omega Performance products, we are giving consumers and retailers the opportunity to make a direct contribution to Plant A Fish’s Viva Azul program in El Salvador,” explains Cathy Kolumbus, senior manager for the company. “This will save 20,000 sea turtles and provide educational outreach to the local population, including underprivileged school children so they, in turn, can become stewards of their ocean environment.”

But their aquatic-conservation focus extends even further—their fish oil products only use small, non-endangered wild-caught fish species from Peru, the world’s number one sustainable fishery ecosystem.

It’s obvious Rainbow Light is a devoted advocate of maintaining a healthy environment, and they continue to set an example with their own business practices by using packaging bottles that are made from 100-percent-recycled material. This small change reduced their carbon footprint by 92 percent and continues to keep millions of bottles out of landfills annually.

“When we began our launch plans for our Omega Performance products, we wanted to continue this leadership role in not only making a difference in consumers’ health, but extending that to our delicate ocean environment, which ultimately returns to affect our own personal health,” explains Kolumbus.

Rainbow Light sets an example in the natural products industry by not only educating the public on health and ways to improve quality of life on the planet, but by taking action.

“The natural products industry has been leading the way in helping to improve health and the quality of life on the planet since its inception,” says Linda Kahler, Rainbow Light’s CEO. “This tradition continues and progresses as companies within our industry have led the way in social contribution and sustainability programs tied to our mission statements, business practices, and design and delivery of our goods and services. Rainbow Light is proud to be among this group of leading companies in our industry.”

For more information, please visit plantafish.org and rainbowlight.com.