The Begley Difference

An interview with Ed Begley Jr., about his new line of green cleaning products.

Organic products are nothing new—yet bigger stores have at last begun to carry them on their shelves, giving consumers more access to the products that help keep us safe. That’s why actor, author, and pioneering environmentalist, Ed Begley Jr., created Begley’s Earth Responsible Products. Begley’s products are rapidly biodegradable; made in the US; safe for people, animals, plants, and the planet; and use plant-based active ingredients. Natural Solutions interviewed Begley to learn more about his unique products.

NS: You just launched a new cleaning product line. What is your goal for its development?

EB: To develop a line of natural cleaners and soaps that put environmental impact, consumer safety, and performance on the same level. I wanted to ensure no compromise was made on the quality of cleaning.

NS: How does it compare to other traditional, nongreen alternatives?

EB: I want to be 100-percent transparent and that is why I list all of our ingredients on our web site and product. I feel it’s so important not to have to “hunt” for information on the ingredients. If a company has nothing to hide, the list should be there. Period.

NS: What advice can you give readers in discerning a good cleaning product from one that has been “greenwashed?”

EB: Great question. I say it over and over again—consumers should read labels. Many times so-called “green” products are actually made by one of the bigger, non-green companies and they just have “eco” labeling, but the ingredients are not. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. This leads to consumers believing products are harmless, where they may be more inclined to spray, squeeze, or otherwise apply more liberally to stubborn stains or greasy pans than they normally would. We end up doing more harm then good.

NS: How do traditional cleaning products affect the health of the consumer and the environment? How are yours different?

EB: Unfortunately a lot of traditional cleaners contain toxic ingredients. It is our goal to eliminate the perception that you need these ingredients to clean effectively. We believe by putting the same emphasis on performance we can change this perception. Our products absolutely clean as well, if not better, then their non-green alternatives. It leaves no excuse not to go green.

NS: Describe your commitment to a green, socially responsible business agenda. How do you think every company can do their part?

EB: I believe we have been fortunate to have a lot of great companies who have really made an effort to make safer products for both consumers and the environment. But one look at store shelves awash in flowers, rolling hills and earthy color palettes, and I can see there is still a lot to do. It is very difficult to recognize the difference between safe and non-toxic green products. If all companies could be 100-percent transparent—versus the wolf in sheep’s clothing—our world would have a much easier time “going green.”

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