It's Easy Being Green

When we make a change to help the planet, we often reap health benefits as well. Whether we fit in a hefty dose of exercise by biking to work instead of driving or gain some meditative time from planting a tree, our simple changes can make a difference. Why not do a bit more to lessen your environmental impact in honor of Earth Day on April 22? To get you started, Natural Solutions readers and editors share their own easy eco-secrets.

Eco Tips
“I took out half my lawn and planted an organic vegetable garden that provides my family with enough greens for stir-fries, salads, and smoothies. I’m shopping close to home instead of buying food trucked in from who knows where—plus it’s free and convenient.”
—Deborah Spooner, Roseville, California

“I plug my cell-phone charger, DVD player, TV, and laptop into a power strip so I can easily turn it off when I am not using them. This flick of a switch saves 240 pounds of carbon dioxide.”
—Nicole Duncan, assistant editor

“I hang my family’s laundry. In winter, this adds humidity to the dry indoor air. In summer, I hang clothes in the attic since I live in the city.”
—Mrs. T, Chicago

“The production of junk mail uses more than 100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water annually. To stop the delivery of junk mail, I go to and”
—Kristin Bjornsen, associate editor

“In the summer, I turn off the air conditioning when it’s cool in the morning and open the windows. It helps freshen the indoor air and removes any buildup of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.”
—Penny Middleton via email

“Harsh accelerating and braking can use up to 30 percent more fuel, so I make an effort to stop stomping on the gas and slamming the brakes when I drive.”
—Meghan Rabbitt, senior editor

“I refuse to buy paper towels and instead use cloth towels.”
—Linda Farrington via email