• Poses for Poise

    Whether you’re giving a speech, interviewing for your dream job, or having coffee face-to-face with your eHarmony find, being on the spot has a way of draining your self-confidence. Suddenly your mind goes blank and your palms start to sweat. You can hear yourself rambling on, voice quivering, never quite making your point, but terrified of stopping.

    Boost your confidence through the practice of Viniyoga.
    By Jennifer Derryberry Mann
  • What Color is Your Zafu?

    The color of your meditation cushion (zafu) may reveal more about your state of mind than you realize. Feng shui attributes mood-altering properties to each color—orange can make you feel optimistic, for example, while brown can imbue you with a dull-as-a-doorknob sensation.

    By Elizabeth Marglin
  • Yoga Rx: 2 Poses to Relieve Headaches

    Yoga can help prevent a pounding head by lowering stress levels, improving posture, and reducing muscle tension in the upper back and neck. But if you’re experiencing pain, your normal practice can make things worse. Here are three poses to help relieve a headache. Close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose.

    By Timothy McCall, MD
  • Belly Rolls

    How did I ever talk myself into this?” I mumbled, pulling into the parking lot of the local high school. Earlier that day, I never would have found a place to park; but tonight, few were bold enough to go where I dared, and I found a spot right up front. With a sigh, I willed myself out of the car and made my way toward the gymnasium.

    It was time to set my repressed inner goddess free.
    By Ruth Karpinski
  • Write Your Way Slimmer

    The challenge: How to stop a case of the munchies on cold, dark days that dampen your spirits.

    By Meghan Rabbitt
  • Breathe to Beat the Blues

    When my father took sick with depression, gravity seemed to claim him, body and soul. Everything sagged. I wish I’d known then about pranayama, yoga’s ancient treatment for the blues.

    Paranayama offers a drug-free solution to depression.
    By Stephanie Gold
  • A Change of Heart

    Ever since the 1950s, when the Framingham Heart Study established a correlation between high cholesterol and heart attacks, doctors have focused on lowering cholesterol as a way to prevent heart disease. For years they’ve told us to accomplish this by eating a low-fat diet and exercising and, if that failed, by taking cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins.

    A new wave of doctors is relvolutionizing the way Western medicine prevents and treats heart disease. Here's what you need to know to keep your heart healthy for many beats to come.
    By James Keough
  • The Resolution Solution

    The first day of a New Year shimmers with hope: a blank slate upon which to create healthy new habits. So why do we set out with the best intentions only to find ourselves, a few weeks later, no closer to our goals and thoroughly discouraged?

    Frustrated with making New Year's goals you give up on by January 15? Here's why 10 of the most common resolutions fail, and how to make them stick.
    By Meghan Rabbitt
  • Once Upon a Babymoon

    No poolside margaritas or ceviche. No hot tubs or saunas. No horseback riding or waterskiing. Still, taking some time out as a couple before the baby arrives may turn out to be the vacation of a lifetime. It was for us.

    Indulge in a little pre-baby pampering.
    By Elizabeth Marglin
  • Take a moment to Breathe

    Meditation teachers tell us that simply observing the chatter going on in our minds without analyzing or judging our thoughts will lead us to a deep sense of calm. Alas, it’s not always easy to shut off the mental noise and sit in silence, even when we know it’s good for us. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying—and not just to stay calm.

    Make mindfulness part of your routine.
    By Nora Simmons