• Weather the Storm

    A few months ago, beset by a mounting sense of “It’s all too much,” I signed myself up for what I hoped would be a transformative yoga retreat at a monastery in upstate New York. I extracted myself from busy New York City life and spent the entire weekend sitting quietly at sunrise, blissing out in Lotus Pose, and eating three vegetarian meals a day prepared by kindly nuns.

    How to get out from under the stress cloud, for good.
    By Penny Wrenn
  • Change Your Mind

    How do I get to your house again?” The question, posed a year ago by my 73-year-old father, confirmed my darkest suspicions. Dad had already begun to lose track of his car (a good Samaritan helped him find it after one frantic two-hour search), and he often got confused about our dinner dates.

    Take action now to keep dementia from becoming par of your future.
    By Lisa Shumate
  • Stay Warm Sustainably

    Baby, it’s cold outside. But before you crank the dial on the thermostat, consider this: Home heating accounts for 8,800 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per household annually, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. With a few quick fixes, you can combat climate change—no shivering required.

    By Jodi Helmer
  • Joy to the Earth

    Everyone hopes for a white Christmas, but a green holiday season can be just as festive. Do you recycle and limit waste throughout the year but, amid all the gifts, garland, and extra lights involved with winter holidays, get too harried? Take these simple steps to make this season merrier for you and yours—and the planet.

    By Marcy Franklin
  • Gifts that give back

    1. Consciousness on your shoulder 
    Not only does it tote your organic groceries in style, but proceeds from this FEED bag (sold at Whole Foods) provide 100 school meals to children in Rwanda. ($30,

    41 picks for under $60 that’ll help you embrace the holiday spirit
    By Marcy Franklin additional reporting by Gabrielle Boerkircher
  • Wheelchair T'ai Chi

    Regular physical exercise is crucial for healthy bodies, minds, and spirits—so what are people in wheelchairs to do? Besides their physical limitations, some wheelchair users lack the self-confidence to start exercise programs, transportation to workout facilities can be difficult, and fitness programs are often spendy. The result?

    By Melaina Juntti
  • Get Inspired: Meditation for Minors with David Lynch

    Here’s a shocker: One of the film industry’s most brilliant minds once felt anything but brilliant.

    By Cara McDonald
  • Make Love Last

    It’s hard to believe that after those lofty vows of marriage, a relationship could break up because of something as mundane as dishes left in the sink or the protocols of reading in bed. Yet even the most evolved relationships get snagged in the pettiest of disputes.

  • Lift Depression With Meditation

    With summer coming to a close and shorter, darker days ahead, you might be wondering how to cope with the negative thoughts that often accompany the season’s change and can lead to depression. A recent study found that age-old meditative techniques and more modern cognitive therapy can help alleviate symptoms.

    By Ziba Kashef
  • Celebrate the Sun

    Summer’s here and you’re ready to hit the hiking trails, read novels poolside, and frolic in the fields. By now you know to pull on a visor and slop on sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s pulsing rays.

    By Melaina Juntti