• Overcoming Loneliness

    Esther Trneny moved from Australia to Rhode Island to live with her fiancé when she was 22 years old. Although the move deepened her relationship with her life partner, it pulled her away from the close friends she had made during high school and college.

    Too much isolation can ruin your health and harm your community. Learn to banish the blues that affect us all.
    By O’rya Hyde-Keller
  • Get Inspired: An Angel Among Us

    Howard Schiffer works in some of the most devastated places on Earth—hotspots where a bout of diarrhea can mean certain death for a child.

  • Pilates for Weight Loss

    Rainy Wright-Legg of Ashland, Oregon, had a straightforward goal when she first started Pilates five years ago: to take control of her debilitating shoulder pain. She never imagined that she was embarking on a journey that would help her shake years of emotional baggage—and 116 pounds.

    Yes, you can shed pounds with Pilates. Here's how.
    By Deirdre Shevlin Bell
  • The Biofeedback Boost

    Biofeedback therapy is winning as many accolades as the movie No Country for Old Men won Oscars. A watchdog group, the American Health Care Policy Review board, reviewed the many studies done on the effectiveness of biofeedback and gave the mind-body therapy a Grade A rating. How does it work?

    By Kris Kucera
  • Get Inspired: More with Molly Ringwald

    Molly Ringwald may always be remembered as the angst-filled adolescents she portrayed in the ’80s teen films Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. But at age 42, she’s now the mom on TV’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager, as well as a real-life parent to three daughters (1-year-old twins and a 6-year-old).

    Interview by Lauren Piscopo
  • Is Stress Ruining Your Health?

    We don’t need researchers to tell us that stress is rampant in the US. But in its 2009 Stress in America study, the American Psychological Association found that 24 percent of adults are experiencing high levels of tension—and 42 percent of us were more stressed out last year than the previous year.

    Stress can be a wrecking ball to your body, mind, and spirit. Here's what to do about it.
    By Sarah Tuff
  • Seal It With Natural

    You no longer need to question which household cleaners are truly green. In February, the Natural Products Association (NPA) launched the first-ever natural seal for home-care items, including household cleaners and detergents.

    By Sarah Toland
  • Flora for Every Mom

    This Mother’s Day, skip the cliché bouquet and give her a more personalized “green” gift. We’ve found the perfect botanical option for every type of mom—including you.

    She’s got a green thumb

  • New Life After Divorce

    I left my marriage in 2007, but it’s safe to say that love had left the building years before. I had hoped that things might change before we decided to split—that my husband and I were simply going through a season of discontent. I didn’t want to be a divorcée: My marriage was bad, but I saw divorce as a lasting public and private admission of failure.

    Rediscovering self-worth when a marriage dissolves
    By Candace Walsh