Get Glowing Ayurveda-Style

By Meghan Rabbitt

Frizzy hair? Dry skin? Ease your summer beauty woes with these dosha-specific tips from Lee Macik, an ayurvedic aesthetician.

If you’re a vata …
your skin and hair tend to get drier than usual in the hot summer months.
Your beauty to-do: Try a hydrating, full-body ayurvedic massage called abhyanga. Using a generous amount of sesame oil, massage your joints in a circular motion, and then massage the muscles along your bones with long strokes. For example, using your right hand, trace five circles around your left shoulder, then massage from your shoulder to your wrist using 10 long strokes. “Not only are you lubricating your whole body with a highly moisturizing oil, but you’re also calming your nervous system,” says Macik.

If you’re a pitta …
your naturally ruddy complexion can get blotchy and red during summer.
Your beauty to-do: Make a cooling mask to soothe your skin. Mix a couple teaspoons of honey with a tablespoon of plain yogurt, apply to your face (avoiding your eyes), and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water, and follow with a spritz of rosewater. “Pittas also want to go as natural as possible when it comes to skincare products,” says Macik. “Herbs balance pitta—harsh chemicals aggravate pitta.”

If you’re a kapha …
you have a hard time motivating in the heat and can feel especially sluggish.
Your beauty to-do: Dry-brush your whole body to awaken your lymphatic system, which will help detox your body and build immunity. With a natural-bristle brush, gently “brush” your skin before you shower. Start at your feet and brush upward, toward your heart. Another technique that’s also great for lymphatic drainage: Trace your thumb along your neck, under your jaw, from just behind your earlobe to your chin; use this stroke repeatedly when washing your face in the morning to stimulate the lymphatic system.